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"ETU" 1891 Census


ETU 1891 census 095&1/2e family 033  @ca.on.nipissing_district.bonfield_chisholm_boulter_ferris page 007 film T6355 lds1465780
21 VALOIS Louis m 41 married - Que Que Que RC farmer
    son of VALOIS Louis and wife PELLETIER Henriette (married 1848)
22 VALOIS {HETU} Elizabeth f 42 married wife Que Que Que RC
   linked as maiden name  HETU Elizabeth
    ETU in some documents (silent H)
    dtr of HETU David and wife feu ALARY Emélie
    Louis and wife Elizabeth married 1868 @ca.qc.joliette_county.sainte_mélanie_rc
    Louis 32 and wife Elizabeth 33 Joliette Town 1881 census district 087a family 0376
    Louis 51 and wife Elizabeth 53 Bonfield Township 1901 census district 092h.2 family 112
23 VALOIS Armand m 21 - - Que Que Que RC farmer's son
married 1897 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to BANGS Mary dtr of BANGS William and wife WRIGHT Ellen (married 1876)
    Mary Lucy 3 with parents Papineau Township 1881 census district 114m5 family 0032
    Mary 14 with parents Mattawa and Papineau Townships 1891 census district 095&1/2c family 078
    Arman 29 and wife Mary 21 Copper Cliff 1901 census district 092k1 family 128
24 VALOIS Patrick m 18 - - USA Que Que RC
    Patrice married 1919 to FRANSSEN Clementine dtr of FRANSSEN Paul and wife MEEUVIES Marie
25 VALOIS Alexina f 15 - - Que Que Que RC
1 VALOIS William m 12 - - Que Que Que RC
2 VALOIS Parfais? m 11 - - Que Que Que RC
3 VALOIS Victoria f 10 - - Que Que Que RC
married 1905 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to MAILLOUX Anthony son of MAILLOUX Joseph and wife CLEARY Mary
    Victoria 17 Copper Cliff 1901 census district 092k1 family 128
4 VALOIS Josephat m 8 - - Que Que Que RC
5 HUDELINE Esabella f 1/12 - grand_daughter Ont France Que RC
    dtr of HUDELINE Edmond and wife VALOIS Evelina (married 1891)

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