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"OUL" 1881 Census


OULLE 1881 census 097q family 0079  @ca.qc.ottawa_county. saint_andré_avelin page 20 film C13224 lds1375860
    caution - enumerator used phonetic spelling and handwriting is poor
12 COURTEMANCHE Baptis m 56 Que RC French cultivateur/farmer married
    son of feu COURTEMANCHE Joseph and wife feue OULLE Marguerite
    OULLE could be HOULE or OUELLET
13 COURTEMANCHE {LACASSE} Domitil f 54 Que RC French married
   linked as maiden name  LACASSE Domitil
    LACASS is phonetic spelling of maiden name in original 1881 census document
    dtr of LACASSE Joseph and wife DESJARDIN Angélique
    LACAFSE Domitilde 22 with parents Saint André Avelin 1851 census qc274b page 086 line 20
    Jean Baptiste and wife Domitille married 1858 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc
    Jean Baptiste 35 and wife LACAFSE Matilde 31 Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 524 line 44
    Jean Baptiste 45 and wife Domithile 43 Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 330
14 COURTEMANCHE Domitilde f 22 Que RC French
married 1897 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to LOUISEIZE Ferdinand widower of LEPAGE Nadine
    Fardinand 42 and wife Marie 33 Saint André Avelin 1881 census district 097q family 0257
15 COURTEMANCHE Baptis m 21 Que RC French cultivateur/farmer
16 COURTEMANCHE Estere f 18 Que RC French
17 COURTEMANCHE Juliet f 17 Que RC French
18 COURTEMANCHE Pierre m 14 Que RC French farmer's son
    maiden name LACASS continued as surname lines 14-18 in original document - corrected to COURTEMANCHE in OGSPI
    Saint André Avelin research 1995-2008 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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OULLET 1881 census 098o family 0191  @ca.qc.pontiac_county.alumette_island page 046 film C13226 OULLET in original census document
21 OUELLET {CONSTANTIN} Josephine f 41 Que RC French school teacher widow
   linked as maiden name  CONSTANTIN Josephine
    dtr of CONSTANTIN Ignace and wife VAILLANCOURT Louise
    Josephine married 1864 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to OUELLET François son of OUELLET François and wife CHARRON- DUCHARME Angele (married 1835)
22 OUELLET Aliesaw? f 17 Que RC French
23 OUELLET Sinai m 16 Que RC French
married 1897 @ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.sainte_anne_rc to GALLAGHER Eleona aka Marie Helina dtr of GALLAGHER Andrew and wife BRISEBOIS Mathilda (married 1878)
    Elona 12 with parents Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 107
24 OUELLET Alfred m 11 Que RC French

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OULLETTE 1881 census 114m5 family 0061  @ca.on.nipissing_district.papineau_township page 10,11 film C13235 lds1375871
    electoral district of Renfrew County North Unorganized Territory division 5
22 FOURNIER Narcisse m 28 Que RC French labourer married
23 FOURNIER {?} Angel f 24 Que RC French married
24 FOURNIER Andrew m 1 Que RC French
25 OULLETTE Natali f 23 Que RC French
1 JIMM Ernest m 32 Germany CofE German blacksmith married
2 JIMM August m 22 Germany CofE German blacksmith married
3 CLANKBOYLE John m 50 Germany CofE German blacksmith widower
4 MORONEY Andrew m 35 NB RC Irish labourer
5 HITAH James m 21 New York CofE ? labourer
    origin column for James originally USA then stroked through
6 McDONALD Duncan m 66 Que CofE Scotch labourer
7 O'BRIEN William m 63 Ire RC Irish carpenter and joiner married
8 O'BRIEN {?} Johanna f 52 Ont RC Irish married
9 LABLANC Jean m 22 ? RC French tailer
    Actual birthplace entered as Listo A. Villa then changed to not given"
10 COUTURE Lazor m 43 NB RC French fisherman
11 DELANEY Patrick m 46 Ire RC Irish labourer widower
12 CIMON Joseph m 45 Que RC French labourer widower aka SIMON
    13 McKENZIE Finlay married 1881-27 Scot Free Church Presb Scotch labourer
14 JOHANSON John m 41 ? Luth German labourer
    Actual birthplace entered as Jaquer then changed to not given"
15 McDONALD Daniel m 27 Ire RC Irish labourer

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