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"OBO" 1881 Census


O'BOYLE 1881 census 103h1 family 0217  @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet_north_township division 1 page 056 film C13228 lds1375864
20 WINSOR Edward m 58 Ont RC Irish fermier/farmer married
21 WINSOR {McCRANK} Mary f 50 Ont RC Irish married
   linked as maiden name  McCRANK Mary
22 WINSOR Bridget f 22 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Bridgitte" born 1859-03-17 baptised 1859-04-10 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McCRANK James and McCRANK Bridgitte
23 WINSOR Sarah f 19 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Ceriane" born 1861-12-08 baptised 1861-12-25 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McCRANK James and McCRANK Brigitte
24 WINSOR James m 17 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR James" born 1863-06-13 baptised 1863-06-24 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McCRANK James and BROWN Flory
25 WINSOR Edward m 16 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Edouard" born 1864-08-11 baptised 1864-08-11 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McCRANK William and McCRANK Brigitte
    page 57
01 WINSOR Elizabeth f 14 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Marie Elizabeth" born 1866-05-21 baptised 1866-05-23 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McKINLEY Hugh and McKINLEY Ann
02 WINSOR John m 12 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR John W." born 1865-05-08 baptised 1868-05-30 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents McCRANK Daniel and McNAMARA Marianne
03 WINSOR Albert m 10 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Neil Albert" born 1870-03-15 baptised 1870-04-03 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents O'BOYLE James and McNAMARA Marianne
04 WINSOR Daniel m 8 Ont RC Irish
    " WINDSOR Daniel Peter" born 1872-05-03 baptised 1872-06-02 @ca.on.prescott_county.plantagenet.curran.saint_luke_rc
    godparents DUMOUCHEL Adolphe and KING Rose
05 MacAULAY Bridget f 15 Ont RC Irish

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