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"OBI" 1881 Census


O'BIRNE 1881 census 133a2 family 0161  @ca.on. ontario_county_north. uxbridge_township division 2 page 035 film C13244 lds1375880
06 O'BERIN Francis m 48 Ire RC Irish farmer married
07 O'BERIN {?} Elainor f 50 Ire RC Irish married
    O'BIRNE Francis 36 and wife Ellen 40 Uxbridge Township 1871 census district 049a2 family 130
    O'BERRN Francis 59 and wife Ellon 62 Uxbridge Township 1891 census district 102d3 family 030
08 O'BERIN John m 22 Ont RC Irish farmer
09 O'BERIN Rose f 20 Ont RC Irish
10 O'BERIN Bernard m 18 Ont RC Irish
11 O'BERIN Mary f 15 Ont RC Irish
12 O'BERIN Thomas m 13 Ont RC Irish
13 O'BERIN Margaret f 11 Ont RC Irish

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