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"McKY" 1881 Census


McKYVER 1881 census 074a1 family 0042  @ca.qc. soulanges_county. saint_polycarpe division 1 page 010 film C13207 lds1375843
22 ASSELIN Antoine m 49 Que RC French cultivateur/farmer married
    son of ASSELIN Augustin and LORTIE Catharine
23 ASSELIN {RAVARY} Anna f 45 Que RC French married
   linked as maiden name  RAVARY Anna
    dtr of RAVARY Leonard and McKENSER Mary
    Antoine and wife Anne married 1860 @ca.qc.soulanges_county. coteau_du_lac.saint_ignace_rc
    Antoine widower m2 1888 @ca.qc.soulanges_county. saint_polycarpe_rc to RAVARY Elizabeth dtr of RAVARY Leonard and McKYVER Mary
    Antoine 39 and wife Anna 35 Saint Polycarpe 1871 census district 110b2 family 098
24 ASSELIN Hermina f 20 Que RC French
25 ASSELIN Marie f 17 Que RC French
    page 11
01 ASSELIN Adeline f 15 Que RC French
02 ASSELIN Rose f 14 Que RC French
03 ASSELIN Alphonse f 12 Que RC French
04 ASSELIN Albertine f 11 Que RC French
05 ASSELIN Aldeu f 8 Que RC French
married 1893 @ca.qc.soulanges_county. saint_polycarpe to BREUX Joseph Adelard son of BREUX Joseph and ROBERT Victorine Joseph Adelard widower of Albéa m2 1898 @ca.qc.soulanges_county. coteau_station.saint_medard to ANDRÉ dit SAINT_AMAND Dalcida daughter of ANDRÉ dit SAINT_AMAND Joseph and wife LALONDE Hermine (married 1875)
    Dalcina 6/12 with parents Saint Polycarpe 1881 census district 074a1 family 0049
06 ASSELIN Joseph Oscar m 3 Que RC French
07 ASSELIN Alphonsine f 2 Que RC French

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