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"McFU" 1881 Census


McFURNAU 1881 census 114m5 family 0073  @ca.on.nipissing_district.calvin_township page 14 film C13235 lds1375871
    electoral district of Renfrew County North Unorganized Territory division 5
11 SPARKS Abraham m 57 Ire WMeth Irish farmer married
12 SPARKS {?} Elizabeth f 26 Ont WMeth Irish married
13 SPARKS Abraham A. m 7 Ont WMeth Irish
14 SPARKS Jane f 5 Ont WMeth Irish
15 SPARKS Charlotte f 4 Ont WMeth Irish
16 SPARKS William H. m 2 Ont WMeth Irish
17 BYRNE John m 30 Ire RC Irish labourer
18 McFURNAU Owen m 47 Ire RC Irish labourer
20 ARMSTRONG John m 60 Ire CofE Irish shoe maker widower
21 McGARITY Patrick m 49 Ire RC Irish labourer
22 WEBSTER Henry m 24 Denmark Luth Danish sailor
23 SLATTERY John m 35 Ire RC Irish labourer
24 McCORMICK Anthony m 26 Que RC Irish foreman married
25 McCORMICK {RATHWELL} Mary f 24 Ont RC Irish married
   linked as maiden name  RATHWELL Mary
    McCORMICK Anthony J. 39 and wife Mary 29 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 193
    page 15
1 SMITH James m 57 Ire RC Irish labourer

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