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"HYO" 1881 Census


HYON 1881 census 097q family 0308  @ca.qc.ottawa_county. saint_andré_avelin page 79 film C13224 lds1375860
    caution - enumerator used phonetic spelling and handwriting is poor
15 DENIS Antoine m 54 Que RC French menusier married
    ditto marks implying menusier occupation lines 16-24
16 DENIS {HYON} Justine f 49 Que RC French menusier married
   linked as maiden name  HYON Justine
    HYON is phonetic spelling of maiden name in original 1881 census document
    also linked as DION and wife YON
    Antoine Narcifse 35 and wife Justine 28 Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 516 line 41
    Antoine Narcisse 44 and wife Justine H. 39 Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 012
    Antoine Narcisse 64 widower Saint André Avelin 1891 census district 175mm family 037
17 DENIS Philippe m 22 Que RC French menusier
18 DENIS Paul m 20 Que RC French menusier
19 DENIS Susanne f 17 Que RC French menusier
    dtr of DENIS Antoine Narcisse and wife DION/ YON Henriette
    Marie Suzanne Emélie married 1882 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to PROULX dit CLEMENT Napoleon son of feu PROULX dit CLEMENT Félix and wife LABRE Olympe
    Napoleon 29 and wife Suzanne 28 Saint André Avelin 1891 census district 175mm family 038
20 DENIS Joseph m 14 Que RC French
21 DENIS Antoine m 12 Que RC French
22 DENIS Urjele m 10 Que RC French
23 DENIS Marie f 8 Que RC French
24 DENIS Julit f 6 Que RC French
    Saint André Avelin research 1995-2008 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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