1881 census district 124d3 family 0024  @ca.on.northumberland_county.cobourg_town page 005 film C13240 lds1375876
25 CARLEY Alexander m 44 USA CofE Irish labourer married
    son of CARLEY William and wife Margaret
    page 6
1 CARLEY {SWAN} Mary Jane f 39 Ont CofE Irish married
   linked as maiden name  SWAN Mary Jane
    dtr of SWAN Alexander and wife Ann Jane
    Alexander and wife Mary Jane married 1862
    Alexander 34 and wife Mary Jane 28 Hamilton Township 1871 census district 054a2 family 197
    Alexander 57 and wife Mary Jane 48 Coburg 1891 census district 099b3 family 158
2 CARLEY William m 18 Ont CofE Irish labourer
3 CARLEY Alexander m 15 Ont CofE Irish labourer
4 CARLEY Margaret Ann f 13 Ont CofE Irish
married 1892 @ca.on.northumberland_county.coburg to DEMOREST Richard Watson son of DEMOREST Thomas A. and wife Maria
    Richard 5 with parents Mariposa Township 1871 census district 052a1 family 014 and wife 015
    Richard Watson 24 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 269
    Richard born 1866 and wife Margaret Ann born 1868 Sudbury 1901 census district 092d2.2 family 078
5 CARLEY Albert m 12 Ont CofE Irish
6 CARLEY Frederick m 5 Ont CofE Irish
7 CARLEY George Henry m 3 Ont CofE Irish
8 CARLEY Caroline May f 1 Ont CofE Irish
    Caroline 11 with parents Cobourg 1891 census district 099b3 family 158
    Carolyn M. 20 with relatives Sudbury 1901 census district 092d2.2 family 078
    Caroline May m1 1901 @ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.epiphany_anglican to STULL William Walter son of STULL William and wife THOMPSON/THOMSON/TOMPSON/TOMSON Caroline
    Walter William died 1926. Detailed obituary Sudbury Star Feb 13 1926 page 010
    Caroline widow m2 to Doctor Robert H. ARTHUR widower of LOCKWOOD Ann
    Robert H. 39 and wife Ann L. 39 Sudbury 1901 census district 092d2.2 family 109

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