1881 census district 114e family 0156  @ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke_town page 034 film C13234 lds1375870
O'CONNOR Patrick m 48 Ont RC Irish "four man" married
    son of O'CONNOR John and Judith
O'CONNOR {LOUGHRAN} Elisha f 38 Ont RC Irish married
   linked as maiden name  LOUGHRAN Elisha
    dtr of LOUGHRAN John and ROONEY Elisha
    LAUGHREN Elisha 8 with parents Bromley 1851 census on314 page 007 line 27
    LOUGHRAN Alicia 18 Pembroke Village 1861 census on360 page 010 line 29
    Patrick and wife Elisha married 1863 @ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke.saint_columbikie_rc
    Patrick 39 and Elesha 28 Pembroke Village 1871 census district 082e family 151
    Patrick 58 and wife Elisha 48 Pembroke 1891 census district 113g family 244
O'CONNOR Daniel m 17 Ont RC Irish store clerk
O'CONNOR Therisa f 15 Ont RC Irish
O'CONNOR John m 13 Ont RC Irish
O'CONNOR Lawrence m 11 Ont RC Irish
O'CONNOR Rose Mary f 7 Ont RC Irish
O'CONNOR Nellie f 4 Ont RC Irish

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