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"YUI" 1871 Census


YUILL 1871 census 081c family 151  @ca.on. renfrew_county_south. bagot_blythfield page 047 film C10020
17 VIRGIN William m 37 Que Meth American farmer married
    son of VIRGIN Ira and wife MORILL Abigail
18 VIRGIN {HOLDEN} Eliza f 36 Ont Meth English married
   linked as maiden name  HOLDEN Eliza
    William 27 and wife Eliza Emilia 26 Bagot and Brougham 1861 census on352 page 017 line 43
    also Bagot and Brougham agricultural 1861 census on368a page 051 line 27
    Eliza 46 with second husband YUILL Walter Bagot and wife Blythfield 1881 census district 113k family 0049
19 VIRGIN Janetta f 12 Ont Meth
20 VIRGIN Clarifer f 7 Ont Meth
married 1891 to YUILL James son of YUILL Walter and wife LETT Alice
    note: step siblings after his widower father married her widower mother
    page 48
1 VIRGIN Winifred f 5 Ont Meth
    Winifred married KEATES William
    William 23 and wife Winifred 24 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 228
2 VIRGIN Ida Lucinda f 3 Ont Meth
3 VIRGIN Amy Alice f 1 Ont Meth
    Amy 20 with sister Winifred and brother in law KEATES William Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 228
    indexed and wife hyperlinked by OGS Sudbury Branch
    contact Fay Bennett if you are researching these

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