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"OLS" 1871 Census


OLSER 1871 census 053c family 098  @ca.on. victoria_county_north. carden_township _and_dalton_township page 30 film C9982 lds0349178
09 098 098 ORSER Gilbert m 37 Ont Meth German farmer married
10 ORSER {?} Sarah A. f 35 Ont Meth German married
    " ORSER" Gilbert 47 and wife Sarah Ann 45 Carden Township 1881 census district 130d family 0087
    "OLSER" Gilbert 59 and wife Sarah 37 Carden Township 1891 census district 120c family 059
11 ORSER Sharlotte f 12 Ont Meth German
12 ORSER William m 10 Ont Meth German
13 ORSER Charles m 8 Ont Meth German
14 ORSER George W. m 6 Ont Meth German
15 ORSER James A. m 4 Ont Meth German
16 ORSER Amy A. f 1 Ont Meth German
17 JACKSON Rachel f 15 Ont Meth German

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