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"MGL" 1871 Census


MGLAUGHLAN 1871 census 082d family 066  @ca.on. renfrew_county_north. pembroke_township page 20 film C10021 lds0349195
19 McLAUGHLAN Daniel m 50 Ire RC farmer married
    " MGLAUGHLAN" in original census document
20 McLAUGHLAN {?} Ellen f 40 Ire RC married
    " McLAUGHLIN" Daniel 65 and Ellen 60 Pembroke Township 1881 census district 114f family 0058
    page 21
01 LEVEILLE Luce f 21 Ont RC teacher
02 WHITE/WHYTE Eliza f 21 State of New
03 PROULX Adeline f 24 Que of servant
04 BEDARD Alvine f 19 Que of servant
    " BEDDARD" in original census document
    origin column 13 same as birthplace column 11 in original census document

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