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"HNE" 1871 Census


HNERY 1871 census 051a5 family 196  @ca.on.durham_county_east. hope_township division 5 page 055 film C9979 lds0349176
19 188 196 HENRY Maxwell m 22 Ire CPresb Irish farmer married
20 HENRY {GORDON} Elizabeth f 20 Ont CPresb Irish married
   linked as maiden name  GORDON Elizabeth
    HENRY Maxwell 41 and wife Lizabeth 35 Hope Township 1881 census district 127a2 family 0223
    HNERY Maxwell 52 and wife Elizabeth 40 Hope Township 1891 census district 058b3 family 100
    page 56
01 HENRY David m 1 Ont CPresb Irish
02 HENRY Margaret f 3 Ont CPresb Irish

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