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"AUC" 1871 Census


AUCHTERBERG 1871 census 032a4 family 034  @ca.on. waterloo_county_north. wellesley_township division 4 page 019 film C9943 lds0349158
01 034 ACHTERBURG Charles m 43 Germany Luth German tailor married
    Wellesley Village
    page 010
01 ACHTERBURG {?} Fredericka f 41 Germany Luth German married
    ASTELBURG Charles 33 and wife Frederica 30 Wellesley Township 1861 census on425 page 110 line 19
    ACHTERBURG Charles 53 and wife Frederica 50 Wellesley Township 1881 census district 162b3 family 0155
    AUCHTERBERG Charles 63 and wife Fredericka 60 Wellesley Township 1891 census district 122e5 family 105
    ACHLATER Charles 73 and wife Fredericka 70 Wellesley Township 1901 census district 121e6 family 165
    census research 2000-2012 by Don and Marilyn Holmes of Listowel Ontario

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