1871 census district 163b family 214  @ca.qc.montmagny.saint_thomas page 059 film C10361 lds0549152
GAGNÉ Jean Baptiste m 32 married Que RC occupation blank
    son of GAGNÉ Joseph and wife MINVILLE Henriette (married 1832)
GAGNÉ {CLOUTIER/CLOUTHIER} Vitaline f 33 married Que RC
   linked as maiden name  CLOUTIER/CLOUTHIER Vitaline
    dtr of CLOUTIER/CLOUTHIER Gaspard and wife FOURNIER Marie Roger
    GAGNÉ Jean Baptiste and CLOUTIER/CLOUTHIER Vitaline married 1858
GAGNÉ Jean Baptiste m 11 Que RC
GAGNÉ Marie f 9 Que RC
GAGNÉ Adelia f 7 Que RC
GAGNÉ Camille m 6 Que RC
GAGNÉ Evangeline f 4 Que RC
GAGNÉ Delima f 2 Que RC
GAGNÉ Ancifu? m 10/12 born June 1870 Que RC
GAGNÉ {MINVILLE} Henriette f 64 widow Que RC
   linked as maiden name  MINVILLE Henriette
    dtr of MINVILLE Alexis and wife NICOLE Claire (married 1802)
    MINVILLE Henriette married 1832 to GAGNÉ Joseph son of ? and GAGNÉ Modeste
    above family researched 1994 by descendant GAGNON Joseph @ca.on.simcoe_county.midland

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