1871 census district 062d1 family 175  @ca.on.hastings.marmora&lake film C9994
McKINNON James D. L. m 44 PEI RC Scotch married farmer
McKINNON {McCALLUM} Cathrine f 42 Ont RC Irish married
   linked as maiden name  McCALLUM Cathrine
    McKINNON James 56 and wife Catharine 42 Marmora 1881 census district 122f family 0295
McKINNON Daniel L. m 17 Ont RC Irish
    McKINNON Daniel married PRICE Ellen Celina dtr of PRICE Henry and wife McCARTHY Mary
    PRICE Ellen 2 with parents Madoc 1861 census district on139.3 page 052 line 01
    PRICE Ellen 12 with parents Madoc 1871 census district 062e1 family 048
    PRICE Selina 22 with parents Madoc 1881 census district 122d family 0190
    McKINNON Daniel 36 and wife Ellen Celina 30 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 311
    McKINNAN Daniel 46 and wife Hellen 40 Copper Cliff 1901 census district 092k1 family 338
McKINNON Cathrine E. f 15 Ont RC Irish
McKINNON John R. m 12 Ont RC Irish
McKINNON Alexander m 11 Ont RC Irish
married 1899 to McDONALD Harriet dtr of McDONALD Duncan and wife McDONALD Christina
    McDONALD Harriet 16 with parents Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 184
McKINNON Robert J. m 9 Ont RC Irish
McKINNON James K. m 7 Ont RC Irish
McKINNON Rosetta m 5 Ont RC Irish
McKINNON Sarah A. f 3 Ont RC Irish

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