1871 census district 045c2 family 029  @ca.on.york_county_east.scarborough_township divisin 1 page 007 film C9968
3 027 029 JOBBITT {BRIGHT} Elizabeth Ont CPresb Scotch farmer widow
    maiden name from 1874 wedding record of daughter JOBBITT Charlotte
4 JOBBITT John m 36 Ont CPresb Scotch farmer
5 JOBBITT Charlotte f 33 Ont CPresb Scotch
    d/o JOBBITT James and wife BRIGHT Elizabeth
    JOBBITT Charlotte age 29 born Toronto residence Scarborough Township
    married 1874-06-01 @ca.on.york_county.toronto.scarborough_township to ALLISON William C. age 28 lumberman born Pickering residence Pickering s/o ALLISON William and wife HOGGAN Elizabeth
    witnesses: TAILOR/TAYLOR Henrietta of Don Mills and TAILOR/TAYLOR Thomas of Toronto
    source Ontario Vital Statistics 1874-011249
    ALLINSON William 9 with parents Pickering Township 1851 census on245 page 171 line 24
    ALLISON William 18 with parents Pickering Township 1861 census on274 page 107 line 39
    ALLISON William C. 34 and wife Charlotte 40 Pickering Township 1881 census district 132a1 family 0002

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