TEFAIBREAU 1861 census on289 page 037 line 36  @ca.on.oxford_county. nissouri_east_township section 3 film C1060 lds0349307
36 TEFAIBREAU Matilda f 12 Ont FreeKirkPresb
    not member of family
    indexed 2008 by Alice Giddy of Sambro NS
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TEFER 1861 census on243
 @ca.on.middlesex_county.london_township TEFER Hanah
    TEFER Jane
    TEFER John
    TEFER Margret
    TEFER Michael
    source: OGS London-Middlesex Branch publication #223 1861 Census Middlesex - London Township: Surnames M-Z
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TEFSIER 1861 census qc414a page 519 line 28  @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin film C1304 lds0517405
31 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Pierre m 31 Que RC married
32 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" {TESSIER} Magdeleine f 31 Que RC married
    maiden name " TEFSIER" in original census document
    also linked as TESSIER dit LAVIGNE
33 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Henriette f 10 Que RC
34 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Celina f 8 Que RC
35 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Lucie f 6 Que RC
36 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Pierre m 5 Que RC
37 "FORGETTE dit DEPATIE" Marcelline f 3 Que RC
    also linked as FORGET
    Saint André Avelin research 1995-2008 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
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