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"IRL" 1861 Census


IRLAND 1861 census on377 page 025 line 33  @ca.on. simcoe_county. essa_township section 3 film C1072 lds0349320
33 IRELAND Robert m 46 Scotland United Presb married
    Robert christened 24 Sep 1813 @scotland.caithness.halkirk son of IRELAND William and wife SINCLAIR Margaret (married 1805)
34 IRELAND {McLEOD} Isabella f 46 Scotland United Presb married
   linked as maiden name  McLEOD Isabella
    Isabel christened 8 May 1813 @scotland.caithness.halkirk dtr of McLEOD John and wife CAMPBELL Ann (married 1808)
    "married during the year 1840" according to 1861 census
    Robert and wife Isabella married 1840-11-20 @scotland.midlothian.saint_cuthbert's (near Edinburgh)
    source: lds batch m119899 frame 1834
    Robert 55 and wife Isabella 55 Elderslie Township 1871 census district 028d2 family 037
    "IRLAND" Robert 63 widower Elderslie Township 1881 census district 177m1 family 0067
35 IRELAND Margaret A. f 18 Ont United Presb
36 IRELAND John m 17 Ont United Presb
37 IRELAND William m 14 Ont United Presb
38 IRELAND Cathrine f 11 Ont United Presb
married 1876 @ca.on.bruce_county.elderslie to BELL Angus son of BELL John and wife McCALDER Margaret aka McALDER (married 1836)
    Angus 41 and wife Catherine 29 Chesley 1881 census district 177j family 0164
39 IRELAND Robert m 9 Ont United Presb
40 IRELAND Alexander m 7 Ont United Presb
41 IRELAND David m 5 Ont United Presb
42 IRELAND Isabella f 3 Ont United Presb
    details by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch (great great grand_son of Robert and wife Isabella)
    more in OGS Simcoe County Branch 1861 Census Transcriptions (21 columns of data per name)

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