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"ESK" 1861 Census


ESKEW 1861 census on467 page 031 line 24  @ca.on. york_county. georgina_township film C1087 lds0390221
24 FAIRBURN John m 48 married Eng ? farmer
    aka FAIRBARN
    religion code "W" for John - ditto marks rest of family
    John m1 to MORTON Lucy dtr of MORTON Samuel
    Lucy died 1854
25 FAIRBURN {WOODWARD} Maria f 44 married Eng ?
   linked as maiden name  WOODWARD Maria
    aka WOODARD
    Maria m1 to FAIRBARN James (brother of John)
26 FAIRBURN Samuel m 18 single Ont ? labourer
    Samuel married KELLINGTON Jane E.
27 FAIRBURN Relief f 15 single Ont ?
    Relief married STONEHOUSE William H.
28 FAIRBURN Maria f 14 single Ont ?
29 FAIRBURN William m 11 single Ont ?
    William married REESOR Alice
30 FAIRBURN Charlotte f 10 single Ont ?
31 FAIRBURN George m 7 single Ont ?
32 FAIRBURN Thomas m 5 single Ont ?
    Thomas married ATKINSON Jennie
33 FAIRBURN Benjamin m 3 single Ont ?
    Benjamin married THOMPSON/THOMSON/TOMPSON/TOMSON Maria Jane
34 FAIRBURN Isaac m 1 single Ont ?
    Isaac married DOAN Florance M.
    more in OGS York Region Branch publications grg-012 and wife grg-016
    more in John FAIRBARN 1779 and wife His Descendents by Bessie Mae FAIRBARN ESKEW (manuscript at Georgina Archives)

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