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"CIT" 1861 Census


CITHCART 1861 census on044 page 066 line 08  @ca.on.durham_county.clarke_township section 4 film C1016 lds0349257
01 CATHCART William m 34 Ire CofE farmer married
    " CITHCART" in original census document
02 CATHCART {?} Ann J. f 26 Ire CofE married
    William 45 and wife Anne 37 Clarke Township 1871 census district 050d1 family 104
    William 53 and wife Ann Jane 40 Clarke Township 1881 census district 128c1 family 0132
    Ann Jane 55 widow Clarke Township 1891 census district 059c2 family 137
03 CATHCART William m 9 Ont CofE labourer
04 CATHCART Alexander m 7 Ont CofE labourer
05 CATHCART James m 6 Ont CofE
06 CATHCART Robert m 3 Ont CofE
07 CATHCART Ann J. f 2 Ont CofE

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