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"AVA" 1861 Census


AVARILL 1861 census on357 page 019 line 46  @ca.on. renfrew_county. horton_township film C1070 lds0349319
46 CAHILL Th m 28 Ire EMeth farmer married
    enumeration sequence matches CAHILL P. Horton Township agricultural 1861 census on368a page 015 line 39
47 CAHILL {?} Sara f 44 Ire EMeth married
48 AVERILL Davit m 26 Ire EMeth
49 AVERILL Jane f 17 Ire EMeth
50 AVERILL Rebecca f 12 Ire EMeth
    sequence jumps bottom of page 019 to top page 9
    page 9
01 CAHILL James m 10 Canada PMeth
    surname AVARILL written on same line, above CAHILL in the original document
02 CAHILL Mary f 7 Canada PMeth
03 CAHILL John m 4 Canada PMeth
04 CAHILL R.W. m 1 Canada PMeth

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