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"AEL" 1861 Census


AELICK 1861 census on280 page 020 line 14  @ca.on. ontario_county. uxbridge_township section 2 film C1058 lds0349304
14 FRELIC William m 40 Ont CofE farmer married
15 FRELIC {?} Elisabeth f 31 Ont CofE married
    FRALICK William 33 and wife Elizabeth 28 Uxbridge Township 1851 census on246 page 045 line 15
    William 50 and wife Elizabeth 41 Uxbridge Township 1871 census district 049a1 family 158
    William 57 and wife Elizabeth 44 Uxbridge Village 1881 census district 133j family 0067
    William 70 and wife Elizabeth 61 Uxbridge Town 1891 census district 102e1 family 021
16 FRELIC Jane f 11 Ont CofE
    given name first written David, changed to Jane
17 FRELIC Margret f 8 Ont CofE
18 FRELIC John m 6 Ont CofE
19 FRELIC William m 4 Ont CofE
20 FRELIC Elisabeth f 2 Ont CofE
    also linked as AELICK

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