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"ODA" 1851 Census


O'DAY 1851 census on317 page 033 line 33  @ca.on. renfrew_county. westmeath
33 BURK/BURKE George m 48 NS RC farmer married
    Westmeath Township agricultural 1861 census on368a page 006 line 39
34 BURK/BURKE {HUDSON} Mary f 36 Que RC married
   linked as maiden name  HUDSON Mary
    BURK/BURKE George 60 and wife Mary 48 Westmeath Township 1861 census on367 page 029 line 42
35 BURK/BURKE George m 19 Ont RC
married 1859 @ca.on.renfrew_county. westmeath.la_passe.our_lady_of_mount_carmel_rc to POWERS Catharine dtr of POWERS Matthieu and wife KANT Mary
    BURK/BURKE Gaorge 24 and wife Cathren 24 Westmeath Township 1861 census on367 page 008 line 18
36 BURK/BURKE Caroline f 18 Ont RC
37 BURK/BURKE Patrick m 13 Ont RC
married 1858 to TUCKER Eliza
    BURK/BURKE Pat 22 and wife Elezebeth 20 Westmeath Township 1861 census on367 page 020 line 15
38 BURK/BURKE Esther f 7 Ont RC
married 1872 @ca.on.renfrew_county. westmeath.la_passe.our_lady_of_mount_carmel_rc to GIROUX Louis son of GIROUX Louis and wife DEMERS Marguerite (married 1846)
39 BURK/BURKE Mary f 5 Ont RC
married 1864 @ca.on.renfrew_county. westmeath.la_passe.our_lady_of_mount_carmel_rc to PAPINEAU Louis son of PAPINEAU Louis and wife DECELLE Marguerite
40 BURK/BURKE James m 3 Ont RC
married 1877 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to O'DAY Elizabeth dtr of O'DAY John and wife FRAWLEY Margaret
    Elizabeth 21 with parents Admaston Township 1871 census district 081j1 census families 234,235
    "BURK/BURKE" James 42 and wife Elizabeth 42 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 012

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