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"ZY" People in Books - Perth County


ZYTA f@ca.on.perth_county.elma_township
ZYTA Adriaan G. and wife Yvonne E. pages 384 407
ZYTA Adriaan G. pages 349 358
ZYTA Dirk A. and wife Lisa M. page 551
ZYTA Dirk J. page 384
ZYTA Hendrik J. and wife Geertje pages 407 437 438
ZYTA Hendrik J. page 407
ZYTA James H. and wife Lisa R. page 349
ZYTA John M. and wife Karen D. pages 407 437 438 464 466
ZYTA John M. pages 437 438 464
ZYTA Yvonne page 349
source: Elmanac - the History of Elma Township 1857-1997
available $80 at Stratford-Perth Archives and OGS Perth County Branch

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