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"OKS" 2008 Obituary


OKSMAN o@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2008-02-20 published
Karl KUTSCHENREITER, Jr. was born on January 9, 1950 in Pichling, Austria. He was the first-born child of Juliana (AMENT) and Karl KUTSCHENREITER. A couple of years later the family grew with the addition of his little sister Wilma. He lived in Austria until May 25, 1955 when Julie, Karl Jr. and Wilma travelled to Canada by boat to Montreal and then by train to Toronto where they joined Karl Sr. who had been in Toronto making it possible for the rest of the family to join him.
The KUTSCHENREITERs lived in Toronto from 1955-1959 at which time they moved to Shrigley; by December of 1959 they moved to the family farm on Highway 10.
Karl attended public school at S.S.#4 at Victoria Corners. He attended the Dundalk High School and Grey Highlands Secondary School. Karl attended Humber College and studied as a heavy equipment diesel mechanic - an education that he used for the rest of his working years.
He had three children: Kyle, Shannon and Tanya.
Karl settled on his property at R.R.#3 Flesherton around 1989, where he lived until his death.
Karl held various jobs, which included: heavy equipment operator, equipment repair, mechanic, welder, pond builder and truck driver. Karl was a man that could operate anything with a diesel engine. He was a kid that never grew up - always playing with his toys in the dirt.
He will be remembered by others for his young "Elvis" hair, his motorcycle days and his willingness to help a friend out no matter what. Karl enjoyed being with Friends in the outdoors, both hunting and fishing.
Karl KUTSCHENREITER Jr. passed away at Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale on February 12, 2008.
Minister was Greg GOHEEN (nephew;) Assistant Minister was Ken McGOWAN; Eulogy was given by Tim GOHEEN (nephew.) Pallbearers were Shannon KOLGAN (son,) Daryl VERDON (son-in-law,) Ron GOHEEN (brother-in-law,) Joe SCHERMAUL (cousin,) Cecil HUNTER (friend,) Perry OKSMAN (friend.) Flowerbearers were Tanya KYLE (daughter,) Alexis VERDON (granddaughter.)
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