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"TSE" 2007 Obituary


TSETTA o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.toronto_star 2007-01-06 published
Trenton pilot, 2 others die in crash near Yellowknife
Police have identified three men who died when a plane headed for a fishing lodge crashed near Yellowknife.
Pilot Jason WATT, 36, of Trenton, Ontario, and passengers Albert DOCTOR, 41, of Ndilo, Northwest Territories and Patrick ALEXANDER, 53, of Eckville, Alberta., died when the Cessna 185 crashed Wednesday into the ice.
Alexander was also known as Patrick LAWTON.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the only survivor, Alfred TSETTA, 40, also of Ndilo, is in Edmonton with serious but apparently non-life-threatening injuries.
He waited more than 19 hours in temperatures that plummeted to 16°C as military search and rescue teams battled through wind and dense cloud cover.
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