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"IAM" 2007 Obituary


IAM 2007-06-27 published
Three dead in murder-suicide
By Karen PINCHIN, Canadian Press, Wed., June 27, 2007
Toronto -- A 13-year-old girl who just celebrated her elementary school graduation ran bloodied and screaming from her suburban home as she fled a crime scene that police called a double-murder suicide yesterday.
While authorities remain tight-lipped about their investigation, saying only that a 32-year-old man killed two women, aged 78 and 47, before taking his own life Monday night, neighbours said the man had recently lost his job as a machine technician.
The girl, her hair still in curls from the Grade 8 graduation ceremony, ran across the street sobbing and bleeding before she collapsed on a neighbour's front lawn, witnesses: said.
Ria HOSEIN, who lives in the house where the girl collapsed, said the teen's name is Anna HO and she was "covered in blood" and screamed, "my mom is going to die, my mom is going to die."
HOSEIN said the girl's biological father lives in China.
HOSEIN's husband Tony, who called police, said when he helped the girl up "she almost collapsed."
Neighbours identified the man living in the home as Alton BECKFORD and said he had recently been fired from his job and acting erratically.
While police said there were no plans to release the victims' names, neighbours said BECKFORD lived in the house with his common-law wife, Amy IAM, and her mother, as well as IAM's two children from a previous marriage.
Municipal records indicate the home was owned by both BECKFORD and IAM.
Police said all three bodies were discovered Monday evening on the main floor of the two-storey home, but would not confirm reports that the women had been fatally stabbed. The teen girl's 17-year-old brother was not at home at the time, said HOSEIN.
HOSEIN said his youngest daughter is a classmate and good friend of the girl, and attended the same graduation.
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