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"AAF" 2007 Obituary


AAFI o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2007-08-01 published
Gunfire outbreak yields six casualties in 10 days
By Tim SHUFELT, Page A9
The shooting of Munit WALIA on Monday in the city's west end capped off a 10-day outbreak of fatal gunfire, pushing the number of gun-related homicides to levels not seen since the so-called "year of the gun" in 2005.
Police found Mr. WALIA, 27, around 9 p.m. in his car suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the Martingrove Road and Finch Avenue West area. He was taken to Saint Michael's Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police are now investigating whether he uttered the names of his attackers in the voice mail message he was leaving his pregnant girlfriend moments before he was shot.
Nobody has yet been charged in the death of Mr. WALIA, as is the case in four of the six shooting fatalities in the last 10 days.
The killing of Kimel FOSTER, 21, outside the Town Talk Restaurant and Bar near Vaughan Road and Oakwood Avenue, kicked off a bloody weekend in the early morning hours of July 21. Mr. FOSTER died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen, while a second victim survived.
The next morning, 11-year-old Ephraim BROWN died from a bullet to the neck, followed by the separate shootings of Shawn JAMES and Amin AAFI. First-degree murder charges were laid against two people last week in the death of Mr. JAMES, 31, who police say was killed by shots fired from the window of a Beck taxicab near Wellesley and Sherbourne Streets. Police are still searching for a third suspect.
Mr. AAFI, 24, arrived at hospital after shots rang out in Flirt Lounge in the nightclub district. He died from a single gunshot wound, while a second man was treated at hospital for a shot to the leg.
The next casualty was 25-year-old Michael GEORGE, described as a well-liked aspiring rapper, who was targeted as he exited his car in the Meadowvale Road and Finch Avenue West area on Sunday. Mr. GEORGE was not known to police.
In addition to the arrests stemming from the death of Mr. JAMES, police have also charged two people with first-degree murder in the Ephraim BROWN case. The other homicides are under investigation and police are searching for suspects.

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