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"OXF" 2006 Obituary


OXFORD 2006-07-15 published
The family of Lyle PARKER would like to express our deepest appreciation to our family, our Friends and our co-workers for the compassion and support you surrounded us with in the loss of our father and husband. Your outpouring of attention has been very special to us through your prayers, kind thoughts, sympathy cards, the beautiful flowers, the phone calls and the food we received…it was great! The support and condolences to Mom and the family during these times will be treasured forever. Thanks to all the people from out of town that took the time to come and pay their respect to Lyle. We'd like to thank the staff at the New Victoria hospital for the great things they did for our father during his illness and especially to Doctor DEROSE for his commitment to help Dad. Also to all staff members in the Critical Care Unit on the 2nd floor and the 7th floor Oncology Dept under A.C.E. care, thanks for your caring and patience with our father and our family during these trying times. We truly appreciated the care you gave. Thanks very much to the staff at the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens for their support and assistance when we needed them. Special thanks to Reverend Wayne Prevett for the unforgettable service we experienced with his guidance and wisdom. Thanks to the people at the Moose Lodge for the celebration after the service and especially to Mel and Debbie OXFORD for making that happen. Thanks for the donations made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation on behalf of our Dad, Lyle. We're going to miss the big guy but hopefully he left a little part of himself in all who knew him. We all love you and miss you Dad. Wife Kaye and kids Jamie, Keith, Kevin, Roxanne, George and families.

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