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"AEI" 2006 Obituary


AEINI 2006-06-27 published
Bicyclist dies after crash
The Argentine native and her boyfriend planned to marry and have children.
By Daniela SIMUNAC, Free Press Reporter, Tues., June 27, 2006
They'd planned to visit her family in Argentina, but not under these circumstances.
Grisel FERREIRA, 28, and her boyfriend Kayoumars AEINI, 43, also had plans to marry and have children one day.
But all those dreams were shattered when FERREIRA, bicycling home last Wednesday, died after she and a vehicle collided on the Richmond Street bridge in London, south of Windermere Road.
"She was my life, my everything," said AEINI, who will accompany her body back to her native country for her funeral early next week.
FERREIRA, from Argentina's Cordoba province, moved to London about two years ago for a better life, her grieving boyfriend said yesterday.
They met six months later at Fanshawe College where he taught and she studied English as a second language. She wasn't a student of his.
They called each other up to five times a day and e-mailed poems to each other, he said. He saved them, dozens in all. Her name, preceded by a butterfly, accompanied all of her messages.
"She was a butterfly," he said. "She was an angel. She was not a human being."
FERREIRA quickly found a job in the cosmetics department at the Bay in Masonville Place, he said.
"They just loved her there."
The couple lived together in an apartment for a year and a half. She told him she would have moved back to Argentina if not for him, he said.
"We loved each other so deeply. We loved each other so much. Why is she gone?" he asked, wiping tears from his tired eyes.
The couple planned to head to a cottage in August where AEINI planned to propose.
"She always said, 'We have to enjoy our life because you never know what's going to happen,' " he recalled.
FERREIRA wanted to keep active this summer, so the couple bought two bicycles.
"I didn't even want to buy a bike, but I wanted to bike with her," he said.
He told her to be careful and drove her when it rained.
"I will take the safe path," she assured him.
Last Wednesday, he met her at work and they went shopping afterward.
FERREIRA wanted to buy a new dress for his niece's graduation the next day, he said.
He begged her not to ride her bike home that night and offered her a ride instead. It was late and raining outside.
She didn't follow his advice.
"I went home and I waited 45 minutes," said AEINI. He told his brother, "Grisel is not back yet and I'm really worried."
He ran outside in the rain and called her name. "I didn't know what to do," AEINI said.
He returned to his apartment where the police came and told him "the worst possible news," he said.
FERREIRA was struck by a vehicle that left the road and mounted the curb, police said.
Her body taken to University Hospital, she was pronounced dead the same night.
"I was shattered," he said.
Although AEINI had never met her family, FERREIRA had often spoken of him to them.
"Her brother (in Argentina) said they were like one soul in two bodies," said Faranak AEINI, sister of the grief-stricken boyfriend.
"(FERREIRA) always smiled. She loved people and people loved her," she said.
The crash was not a hit-and-run and the vehicle remained at the scene, police said.

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