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"OUR" 2005 Obituary


OUR o@ca.on.manitoulin.howland.little_current.manitoulin_expositor 2005-02-16 published
--In memory of our mom, Darlene, who passed away a year ago.
Mothers are the place that we call home.
On them we rest our heads and close our eyes,
There's no one else who grants the same soft peace,
Happiness, contentment, sweet release,
In our hearts, we shall always carry those precious memories,
For your life meant the world to us and you taught us so much
About family and Friends.
You taught us to live, enjoy, cherish, laugh, dream and above all
To remember OUR time together.
In loving memory. Clarence, Brenda, Tyler and Megan, Dan, Julie, Geoffrey and Samantha, Linda and Shawn.

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