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"LIZ" 2003 Obituary


LIZOTTE o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-10-06 published
Businessman, innovator, renowned human resources motivator. Born October 20, 1936, in Clair, New Brunswick Died April 10, in Laval, Quebec, of cancer, aged 66.
By Claude CORMIERL Monday, October 6, 2003 - Page A20
Albert was always passionate about books. Perhaps this love for the printed word stemmed from his degree in classical studies. However, it was his interest in innovation and creativity that led to his first full-time position in the field of photography. Always in search of new and more realistic horizons, he quickly realized that opportunities in photography were limited and he moved on.
Arriving in Montréal in 1955, he started his Bell Canada career in 1957, serving first in general network operations, then in sales.
From the outset, it became obvious that Albert was a very gifted salesperson. Highly motivated, competitive, results-oriented, monthly quotas were surpassed as he set new sales records. In spite of being a very demanding and driven individual, he repeatedly demonstrated his dedication to teamwork in developing sales strategies and helping others in their professional development.
His professionalism and engaging personality resulted in his being promoted to sales manager, a position that he successfully maintained for many years.
In 1977, Albert became one of the founding members of Phone Power, a group dedicated to educating Bell clients in the art of using the telephone to increase sales, collect overdue accounts and provide customer service. Here Albert was in his element, having learned about the successful implementation of telemarketing strategies from a variety of specialized magazines in the United States.
At the end of the 1970s the growing competition on different Bell products and services incited Albert to start doing telemarketing trials within Bell Canada to sell the company's customers new telephone equipment and services.
Soon after, in 1980, Albert's burgeoning success resulted in his being asked to head up a new Bell telemarketing division. At the time he was assigned a mere three employees. Within a short few years the number of agents had risen to 90.
Speaking invitations and industry-specific conferences followed. Other telephone companies throughout Canada and France invited Albert to share his experience and success. Many wanted to share his vision and most wanted to emulate his success in this new approach.
It was nothing less than a revolution at the time. Those types of jobs had not previously existed; the training material for inside sales people had to be developed, pay scales and hiring procedures had to be put in place.
From that point on, Albert and his knowledge had a major impact on all aspects of the emerging field of telemarketing. In spite of his enormous contribution, we remember Albert most as a people-oriented person. He was always on the sales floor, challenging his team as well as offering encouragement and recognition.
In 1985, he launched his own telemarketing service bureau -- PlusCom Marketing Inc., in Laval, Quebec, specializing in offering business-to-business telemarketing solutions. His absolute dedication to quality and constant improvement led him to servicing a niche group of customers, selling high-end products and services in various market segments.
Throughout his 35 years of business experience, thousands of hours of specialized reading and research in the field he had helped create, his objective was to offer his clients the best value for their respective customers, rather than strive to be the biggest agency in the area.
Now, because one of his protégés has stepped forward to join his widow, Greta, as a business partner, Albert's legacy will continue with the same vision and energy.
Claude CORMIER is a friend of Albert.

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