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"GLO" 2003 Obituary


GLOGOWSKI o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-02-12 published
Cheryl Louise GLOGOWSKI
By Doris GRANT Wednesday, February 12, 2003, Page A22
Graphic designer, wife, daughter, sister, friend, lover of birds. Born September 7, 1960, in Scarborough, Ontario Died June 22, 2002, in North Sydney, Nova Scotia of cancer, aged 41.
Cheryl, the eldest of three children, was the daughter of Marilyn and Arthur ORTIZ. From an early age, she nurtured things: at first insects and butterflies, then cats, birds, animals and always, people. She was instinctively kind.
Cheryl's love of nature developed in the summers spent with her parents and brothers at their Algonquin Park cabin. Her younger brother, Adrian, remembers Cheryl teaching him about the forest and its creatures. The two loved to lie and listen to the wind they relished the meals their mother cooked over open fires.
Cheryl inherited artistic gifts from her father and created works from nature at an early age. Family members treasure her fine pencil-and-ink drawings of animals and birds.
Cheryl attended the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and worked there until she met Troy GLOGOWSKI, the man who became her beloved husband. She, along with her two Siamese cats and her horse, moved to Troy's native Cape Breton. They were married in North Sydney, Nova Scotia in 1990 and the pair bought a home in the Barrachois hills outside North Sydney, where Cheryl was in her element feeding the wild birds and animals.
When Cheryl and Troy built an addition to their home, they included a bird room and Cheryl acquired birds such as budgies, cockatiels, rosellas, macaws and her special African grey parrot, Cosmo. People began bringing her sick or unwanted birds and she never turned them away. "They call me the bird lady now," she would say proudly. Over the years, five macaws were left in Cheryl's care, and just a few weeks before her death, she took in a budgie.
She worked as secretary at St. Matthew Wesley United Church in North Sydney and then moved to ESP Graphics where she applied many of her artistic skills. "I can do anything with these two hands," she always said, and over the years she proved it. She was a self-taught computer whiz.
Diagnosed with breast cancer at 36, Cheryl determined from the outset to beat the disease by educating herself. Unfortunately, the disease metastasized, but she continued her self-education and, with the help of her doctors, tried new medications and alternative medicines. In the end, doctors said, she lived much longer than most with her type of cancer.
Cheryl joined the local breast-cancer support group. Her knowledge and attitude encouraged others to take control of their illness. The group launched its own Dragon Boat to race last year and hoped Cheryl could paint the dragon's eye -- the symbol of its spirit and life. However, Cheryl was too ill.
In September 2001, Cheryl and Troy realized their dream of visiting her brother Ron in Australia. They dove into the Great Coral Reef and marvelled at what they saw. She wrote home that it looks like a spectacular, underwater garden.
Last March, Cheryl flew home to Ontario for Easter with her family, and Ron joined them from Australia. Ron returned with Cheryl to North Sydney for a week, taking her to her treatments and doctor's appointments as each member of the family had over the previous five years.
Cheryl possessed a strong Christian faith and she leaned on it to the end.
Cheryl was buried on a spectacular, summer day with birds singing in the clear, blue, Cape Breton sky.
Cheryl would be happy to know that large numbers of birds continue to visit her feeders at her home in Barrachois.
Doris GRANT is Cheryl's godmother. She wrote this with help from Marilyn ORTIZ, Cheryl's mother.

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GLOVER o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-04-09 published
Mary Ellen GLOVER
By Jane DUBROY Wednesday, April 9, 2003 - Page A18
Wife, mother, gymnastics judge, tenacious advocate for the elderly. Born May 19, 1944, in Ottawa. Died of cancer November 26, 2002, in Toronto, aged 58.
Although Mary Ellen's own life ended prematurely, part of her legacy is the work she did on behalf of those who are long-lived.
She served as executive director of the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils for 17 years, and was instrumental in winning legislative support for long-term care residents to have input into their own care and activities. "She was a true advocate for seniors throughout the province," wrote the Residents' Council of Hillsdale Manor. "She worked very hard and often presented the views, feelings and wishes of the elderly population... at Queen's Park and other places... Mary Ellen GLOVER will be really missed and not forgotten..."
She was the oldest of three sisters. Adele was born next, and then I came along three years later. Adele died at age 9, so that left just we two. The anthropologist Margaret MEAD has observed that sisters have "probably the most competitive relationship within the family." Mary Ellen and I were no exception. However, Ms. MEAD added, "once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship," and I like to think that's how we finished too.
Our west-end Ottawa neighbours were like our extended family. Unfortunately for Mary Ellen, she was one of the first members of the younger generation to date. Every time a beau came to pick her up, he would be scrutinized by all the dads who happened to be out tending their lawns. They sometimes showed their support by applauding. Mary Ellen kept her cool, but this may help explain why she took off on an extended trip to England in her early 20s.
Back in Ottawa, she took a job at the Canadian Wood Council, where she met Bill GLOVER. They married almost 27 years ago. Their daughter Margot was born in 1980, the same year they moved to Williams Lake, British Columbia where Bill worked with the Wood Industry Association. They returned to Toronto in 1984.
After our mother moved into long-term care, there were many Christmases and Thanksgivings when Mary Ellen, Bill and Margot drove to Ottawa with the turkey in the back of the car, and treated Mother and several other elderly relatives to a home-cooked holiday dinner with all the trimmings in the Glovers' hotel suite. When I told Mary Ellen she was the only person I knew who could cook Christmas dinner in a hotel room, her response was always, "No big deal."
Pretty much the only time she ever broke her no-bragging rule was when it came to Margot. Her daughter trained for many years as a competitive gymnast, and Mary Ellen and Bill put in countless hours of volunteer time at the club; Mary Ellen eventually qualified and served as a judge. In her memory, the Toronto gymnastics community has created "The Mary Ellen Glover Award" to be given annually to a west-end club achieving excellence in balance-beam choreography.
I always thought Mary Ellen would go on forever, she was such a determined person. She had to be -- she suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis for 22 years, and endured many operations. Her determination also showed in her brief but intense battle with cancer. Last August, in spite of being diagnosed with two brain tumours on the same day that our mother died, she insisted that the doctors let her out of the hospital so that she could go to Ottawa for our mother's funeral. Battling her own cancer, she conducted herself with grace, dignity and courage. "Mother would have been so proud of you," I told her. Mary Ellen replied "I hope so."
I know so. We all were, and are.
Jane DUBROY is Mary Ellen GLOVER's sister.

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GLOVER o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-08-09 published
Mary Catharine JONES (née STALEY) Died 3 August 2003
Peacefully, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, at home surrounded by her loving family.
She gave unending, unconditional love and encouragement to her children and their spouses: Sharon GLOVER (Douglas WILKINS) of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia; Christopher JONES (Susan) of Dartmouth; and also to her deeply beloved grandchildren: Jason (Alessandra) of L'Aquila, Italy; Nicholas (Erin); and Jennifer of Dartmouth.
Mum was predeceased by her loving and beloved husband Owen in She is survived by her dearest sister Barbara MANNING of Ottawa.
She leaves us a rich legacy: love, courage, common sense, acceptance and a zest for life that was never-ending. She is deeply cherished by all of us who loved her, and she will be held in our hearts and minds forever.

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