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"CKO" 2003 Obituary


CKOX o@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2003-01-02 published
Hockey commentator made switch to print
Thursday, January 2, 2003, Page R9
Woodstock, Ontario -- Bill TONNER, a hockey commentator and former news editor of the daily Woodstock Sentinel-Review, has died. He was 86.
Mr. TONNER was the live commentator for CKOX radio for Woodstock hockey games in the 1950s and 1960s and covered some memorable moments, including the Woodstock Athletics' trip to Winnipeg for the 1964 Allan Cup senior hockey championship. He eventually made the switch to print as a reporter with the Sentinel-Review and rose to become news editor.
TONNER moved to Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1924 and later spent 11 years as a sailor. During the Second World War, he was a gunnery officer on merchant ships. After the war, he went to work with a radio station in New Brunswick.
Mr. TONNER, who retired in 1981, was also a family man, with eight sons. "It was pretty busy around Christmas time," Mark TONNER said. "There was so many of us . . . He was always proud of his boys."
Mr. TONNER died at his home on Saturday. C.P.

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