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ZOCCANO 2006-06-17 published
Mayor a Mrs. today
By Kate DUBINSKI, Free Press Reporter, Sat., June 17, 2006
When London's mayor ties the knot today, she'll be making history.
Among the three female mayors the city has had, Anne Marie DECICCO is the only one to get married while in office.
The only other sitting London mayor to get hitched was Tom GOSNELL, whose wedding in 1986 to Laurel STROPLE was kept under wraps until the day after it happened.
"Mayor managed to keep lid on wedding until it was over" and "GOSNELL wed in secret" screamed the headlines in the April 19, 1986, edition of The London Free Press.
There was no keeping a lid on this party, though.
Yesterday, while DECICCO, her bridesmaids and fiance Tim BEST were busy setting up a banquet hall at the Marconi Club for today's post-nuptial reception, city hall staff were buzzing with anticipation.
"It's like the Queen getting married. (DECICCO) is the No. 1 person in the city," said Vilia ZOCCANO, who has worked at city hall since 1972.
ZOCCANO remembers GOSNELL's wedding, which she -- with everyone else -- found out about at the last minute when she was asked to put out a statement about it.
"He was a different personality than Anne Marie. He wanted to keep it private," said ZOCCANO, who will be attending the reception.
Yesterday, DECICCO was putting the finishing touches on the big day and getting congratulations from every angle.
She picked up her wedding dress -- traditional white -- and was driving home when two women began gesturing wildly in the car beside her.
Rolling down her window, DECICCO said she heard: "You're the mayor. That's your dress! Congratulations."
At the Marconi Club, she and three of her bridesmaids were setting up centrepieces and joking around with BEST.
"He appreciates Italian," DECICCO joked.
"What can I say -- good company, good food, good soccer," BEST replied.
"I'm hoping to get the pictures done in 20 minutes so we can get here to watch the soccer game," he added, referring to the World Cup soccer game between Italy and the United States that will be going on today while the bridal party is getting wedding photos done.
"I think at some point (on Saturday) it will hit me. Right now, I'm just planning. It's another day," DECICCO said yesterday.

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ZOK 2003-07-19 published
Maria and Walerian ZOK - July 25, 2003
With love and best wishes from your children - Tony and Helen, Frank and Liz, Theresa and Howard, Anna and Michael.
100 Lat Babcia and Dziadzia.
Love your grandchildren - Jennifer, David, Danielle, Jessica, Adam, Nicole, Emily, Justine, James and Jason.
Congratulations! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

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ZORETIC 2003-07-12 published
Susan TOMIC and Marko ZORETIC
Mrs. Kata TOMIC, brother John TOMIC, Mr. and Mrs. Josip and Mary ZORETIC, brother Richard ZORETIC, and sister-in-law Gabriella, are extremely pleased to announce the graduation of Susan A. TOMIC and fiance Marko R. ZORETIC from Osgoode Hall Law School on June 13, 2003. They will be married in October of next year. Congratulations and all the best from family and Friends in Canada and Croatia.

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