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"OB" 2000-2009 Marriage


O'BRIEN 2005-08-20 published
Barb COUGHLIN and the late Don COUGHLIN of Lucan, and Kim and Dorothy O'BRIEN of Wyoming are pleased to announce the engagement of their children Jan and Erick.
An October wedding is planned.
Join them for a Stag and Doe at the Wyoming Fair Building on August 27th, 2005 at 8 p.m.

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O'BRIEN 2006-12-09 published
O'BRIEN / DI MURRO -- Engagement
Peter and Honey O'BRIEN, of Sarnia, wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Heather O'BRIEN, to Marco DI MURRO, son of Alessandro and Tullia DI MURRO, of Sarnia. Heather and Marco will exchange their wedding vows at Saint Michael Roman Catholic Church in Bright's Grove, followed by a reception at the Dante Club in Sarnia on September 22nd, 2007

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O'BRIEN 2008-06-07 published
Romance buoyed by the Thames
By Jennifer O'BRIEN, Sat., June 7, 2008
Maybe it was a fluke, that each heard the river calling.
But their love is what it is, and the river runs through it.
Sarah BAIER and Walter PARKINSON met by the Thames River, were engaged along the Thames and today, in front of nearly 200 Friends and family, are to marry by the Thames.
It started three years ago, at a beginner rowing class out of Springbank Park in London.
BAIER joined at a friend's behest. PARKINSON signed up after seeing an advertisement for Learn-to-Row while driving home to Lucan.
Turns out, she had her back to her future husband the first time she got a good look at him.
"He was in the boat behind me and I looked back. Then, I did a double take. I looked back again," BAIER said of that moment near a boathouse.
"I noticed her right away, said a grinning PARKINSON.
"After a week or two, I was definitely more looking forward to seeing her than the rowing."
It was a good summer on the river for the two twenty-somethings, who had joined the club looking for nothing more than a new experience.
They got to know each other during the classes, with small talk and secret glances.
"We'd be in separate boats, so sometimes you'd just try to catch a glimpse as his boat went by," BAIER said.
After class, a couple of times a week the entire group would go out for drinks.
Then, they had their first date -- July 23, 2005, when PARKINSON took BAIER to see his family-owned racehorse, Lady D M, compete at Mohawk Raceway in Campbellville.
And that was that.
Two years later, PARKINSON took BAIER to one of his favourite haunts, the Thames behind his grandparents' farm in Thorndale, and proposed.
Today, they're to marry in Fanshawe Conservation Area, along Fanshawe Lake, which as BAIER pointed out, "is still water from the Thames."
The theme is intentional, they say, because the river has been a thread through their relationship.
"I do have this special place for the river now," said BAIER. "When we were rowing, we'd fall into it sometimes and we really wanted to shower as fast as you can… but I still love the thought of coming down to the river."
Asked if they'll continue to mark every special event by the Thames, the couple smiled.
"I think it would be neat, if and when kids come along, to take them here," BAIER said.
I do have this special place for the river now.

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