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CNBC m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2005-07-09 published
Kareen MADIAN and David WOLF -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Saturday, July 9, 2005, Page M4
Ultimately, Kareen Melanie MADIAN would conclude that if she mixed all of the ingredients for her perfect man, David Daniel WOLF would crystallize. However, her first phone interview with him, for a syndicated radio program called Canada's Business Report, where she was a producer, left the impression he was haughty and aloof.
A colleague assured her, however, that she shouldn't judge him by that first impression: "He's an economist and needs to sound like he knows what he's talking about."
So in August, 2002, at the show's guest-appreciation night at Jump Café and Bar, she decided to take the initiative and try to find him.
"Half of Bay Street was out, and I realized that I didn't know what these people looked like and was about to leave," says Mr. WOLF, who was then senior economist and chief interest rate strategist at RBC Capital Markets. But then a "very cute girl" approached him and said, "Can I ask you a really stupid question?"
He replied that she would be surprised at the questions people asked him.
Her query, of course, was whether he was the man she had interviewed a few months earlier. She had already recognized his voice, however, and led him over to meet the group from her radio program.
That October, when she called Mr. WOLF for another interview, he floored her with his response: "This isn't our usual time. Are you calling to ask me out?"
Mr. WOLF admits it was the first time he had used such an approach. "I'm usually pretty shy. I think it reflected something deeper. I just kind of blurted it out."
An ensuing buzz zoomed through her office when she confided, "I think I just made a date with David WOLF. I called for an interview and all of a sudden we're going out for drinks."
She missed his signals at first, however, and assumed that, as the youngest economist on the street, he was just looking for professional camaraderie. Several dinners later, the façade was lifted. "I realized we were actually dating," she says.
Their paths had seemed destined to cross. A decade earlier, they had lived a short distance apart in North Toronto, and his sister, Susan, had often extolled her brother to teenage classmate Ms. MADIAN. His sister once borrowed Ms. MADIAN's library card and neglected to return a book. Harangued by the library, Ms. MADIAN followed up with a phone call, and Mr. WOLF senior had acknowledged, "That sounds like Susie."
"It was a weird, small world thing," Mr. WOLF says. "She knew my sister, and had spoken to my father."
Parental influence had prompted the entrée of both into economics. It was her mother's interest in CNBC that precipitated Ms. MADIAN's pursuit of business journalism at Ryerson University. She advised her daughter, "Where you have unrest, unemployment, people totally disenfranchised, you will find there is an economic reason for it, and there are lots of stories there." After a period at CTV, Ms. MADIAN gained an internship with CNBC in New York, and is now a Web editor of
Mr. WOLF, now 29, whose father is a professor of economics at York University, is a graduate of Princeton University in that discipline and currently chief strategist and head of Canadian economics at Merrill Lynch Canada.
Intoxicated for five months by the vibrant Ms. MADIAN, Mr. WOLF, who was in Europe on business, impulsively urged her to join him in Paris. A plane seat in doubt, his plucky lady fabricated a tale of romantic distress where she desperately needed to meet her fiancé. "'Husband' was taking it too far," she says with a laugh. It worked.
Together, they savoured the nirvana of Paris. "We were on the Left Bank, stopped for a crepe. It was this amazing feeling... in Paris, worlds away," she says. "Going on vacation with someone is a big test. We realized we could stand each other and wanted to spend more time together."
The couple had discussed marriage, and religious differences were never at issue. "I'm Christian. David is Jewish," Ms. MADIAN says. "We wouldn't call ourselves religious -- more spiritual. If we have children, we'll expose them to both our cultures."
In October, 2003, they celebrated the anniversary of their first date in Las Vegas. When Mr. WOLF knelt on the grass at the Bellagio claiming he felt ill, she visualized a proposal. "I thought, oh my God, this is it! He's pretending to be sick and is going to propose in front of the light show. It's going to be perfect," Ms. MADIAN recalls.
But her excitement turned to fear as she assisted him back to his room in the throes of nausea.
Surreptitiously, that Christmas holiday Mr. WOLF had obtained her parents' blessing. Her mother, Arpi MADIAN, says she "bonded beautifully with him," noting that they went ring shopping together at a family jeweller where she knew her daughter's ring preferences. "The minute we met David, we loved him. Frankly as a mom, I was so relieved he had active brain cells," she adds with a laugh. "He's extremely intelligent, but not arrogant, like some, or impatient with those who can't keep up. He's quite humble and sweet."
Finally, on January 10, 2004, Ms. MADIAN's birthday, a day he always purported too mundane for a proposal, he offered a ring.
At the Le Royal Meridien King Edward hotel, on June 11, the couple recited personal vows before Reverend Frank FOLZ. The newly minted Mrs. WOLF, 26, who had fantasized about being a bride since her "Barbie" days at the age of 5, stunned guests by looking like a doll herself in an Oleg Cassini gown layered in organza, with crystal bands at the waist mimicking a hair band, punctuated by her ponytail and long cathedral veil trailing behind.
There wasn't a dry eye when the newlyweds danced the bolero. Her mother recalls emotionally, "David had two left feet, and you could see he did it just for her."

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