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"AZ" 2000-2009 Marriage


AZIZ 2005-08-20 published
AZIZ, Ted and Carol - Happy 45th Anniversary
August 20th, 1960.
Love from your family.

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AZORE m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2005-01-08 published
Fiona CARVER and David COOK -- Match:
By Judith Tenenbaum, Saturday, January 8, 2005 - Page M6
In the 1970 film Classic Goin' Down the Road, a pair of Maritimers make their exodus to a Toronto paved with promise. Aspiring Nova Scotian actor David Alexander COOK, odd man out in a family that includes 14 doctors, did the same in 1995 (though with happier results) and enrolled in theatre studies at Ryerson University, taking to heart Bruce Cockburn's lyrics: "It must get better, if far enough I go."
Meanwhile, Fiona Catherine CARVER, a graduate of Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec, and a protégé of Canadian clown duo Mump & Smoot, blasted off with zany comedy sketch troupe the Atomic Fireballs while writing and acting.
Having developed an allergy to latte-flavoured egos, Ms. CARVER found it refreshing when she first encountered Mr. COOK in June, 2001, at an agency party in Toronto, where she moved after graduation.
"We both had the same agent, and as soon as he told me he was from Nova Scotia, a huge 'bing, bing, bing' went off, because I love East Coasters -- salt of the Earth, no façade," says Ms. CARVER, who spent her childhood "all over Southwestern Ontario" as the family accompanied her father, an itinerant Anglican minister.
The couple's initial confab reverberated with seductive subtleties. "We set a second date at Ted's Collision on College Street, both a little nervous how it would go," he says. "We talked for about five hours and not once about acting... a huge plus."
They had been dating for a couple of months when Mr. COOK announced his acting nirvana awaited in Vancouver. A disconsolate Ms. CARVER, fearing at best a lengthy separation, wanted to break it off. "It was bittersweet. Now we were in love and he was leaving."
With more than a month remaining before his departure, he implored her to stick with the relationship and "see what happens."
"My wanting to go to Vancouver had nothing to do with Fiona," he says. "I had never taken any time off to travel, or go anywhere else."
But the fallout from September 11, 2001, had decimated the film industry, and his trip was as rewarding as a losing lottery ticket. "I got a little bit of acting work and couldn't even get a part-time job in a restaurant," Mr. COOK, 27, recalls.
"We were sort of on the cusp of being in love, but after about a month in Vancouver, I knew she [Fiona] was really special to me. There was a hole in my life."
Upon his return in March, 2002, their romantic paradigm shifted. "A kind of tension had crept into our lives and it culminated in a communication that something wasn't working," he says. Where cellphone-to-cellphone had sufficed, the relationship faltered in the reality of cheek-to-cheek, but with a period of introspection they emerged on solid emotional ground.
Mr. COOK's wanderlust resurfaced during the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, when a Hollywood agent convinced him to ply his trade in Los Angeles. He arrived in January of 2003 only to discover those green pastures were well grazed, prompting a hasty retreat. "They sort of blew me off, pretty brutal, and I ran into the common stumbling block of not having my working papers. Los Angeles is a weird place, void of a soul. It made me realize that I would never be as happy without Fiona as with her."
A beneficent Ms. CARVER allows, "I was starting to feel nice and nestled in when he took off again, but I thought it was fine, something that he wanted to do and it was his being away that made him decide to propose."
He returned the next month on Valentine's Day, ready to ask the question, but the timing wasn't right. "I have an aversion to it [Valentine's Day] because it's so commercial," he says. So the next day, he made his pitch, though sans ring.
" 'I have to talk about something but don't have the proper hardware,' Ms. CARVER, 31, recalls his introduction. "Do you need a hammer and nails?" came her witty reply. "We can go to the hardware." They were soon engaged.
Huron Church Camp in Bayfield, Ontario, conjured fond family memories of somnolent summers for Ms. CARVER, so there on Labour Day weekend, before a folksy amalgam of congregants camped out for the occasion, her father, Reverend Neil CARVER, performed the rites of marriage.
Fellow Fireball Samantha BEE -- now also a correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show -- emceed the reception, and friend Beau DICKSON/DIXON assembled a band with Ms. CARVER and her sister Sarah singing backup for Hey Man Do You Want to Boogie, the trio's original collaboration when Mr. DICKSON/DIXON was 5. Chef Esan AZORE prepared the mostly vegetarian fare and the Nova Scotia contingent supplied wild blueberries and maple syrup for a pancake breakfast the next day.
The couple will continue to pursue their acting careers from Toronto. Ms. CARVER has just completed a commercial for the Ontario Lottery Corporation and Mr. COOK, with numerous Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio plays to his credit, can be caught in a forthcoming episode of CTV's The Eleventh Hour.

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AZZOLINA 2006-07-15 published
NEGAS, Maria (AZZOLINA) and Alex - Happy 1st Anniversary
July 16, 2005 Love and Best Wishes from your family.

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