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AVERY 2005-09-24 published
AVERY, Marilynne and Bill - Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary
September 28, 2005 We are thankful that you have survived the joys and sorrows experienced along life's journey, throughout 65 years of marriage. Congratulations to both of you!! Love, Carolyn and Ian BRADLEY, Charlotte and Bill OLDHAM and their families.

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AVRICH m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-03-18 published
Victoria Mireille HOCKIN and Craig Arthur LAURENCE -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Page M6
After dating for five months, Victoria HOCKIN and Craig LAURENCE were still proceeding cautiously until a trip to Boston for a U2 concert propelled their romance to the next level. There, as they strolled through an outdoor market, past a coterie of buskers, she describes "a turning point for both of us. One busker was playing, All You Need Is Love, and a group of kids were clapping, singing along. As Craig and I walked by, he stopped, pointed and said, 'There's a couple in love, right there!' He said, 'Kiss her,' and the kids went, 'Kiss her! Kiss her!' Craig grabbed me, kissed me and did one of those little dips you do when you're dancing."
"It was a poignant moment. I'll never forget it," adds Mr. LAURENCE.
Each of them had recently become disentangled, when they met in January, 2005. Mutual Friends arranged a double date with the two, only to opt out at the last moment and leave the couple to their own devices. After a long revelatory evening "out for pints," Mr. LAWRENCE, who is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of Queen's University and the University of Windsor, was enchanted -- in awe of Ms. HOCKIN's accomplishments and taken with her humour. "It left me wanting to get to know her more," he admits.
Sadly, the following morning she was spirited away to the Palm Springs Film Festival where her Last Mogul documentary on the legendary Lou Wasserman premiered as a smash hit. (It would later be featured in New York and Toronto, as well.) "Craig e-mailed for the whole weekend, checking in and taking a real interest in what I was doing, which was really nice," she recalls. "I gave him a call when I got back."
Products of an idyllic adolescence, the couple had grown up in Aurora, spending their summers at Muskoka camps and cottages. He was an accomplished guitarist and she was a pianist. Together, they saw music "as another language that we speak." She laughs as she shares Mr. LAURENCE's recurring fantasy: "He'd like to say 'rock star,' but he's not."
Their parents knew each other, and Mr. LAURENCE, now 36, had attended St. Andrews College, where Ms. HOCKIN's father had earlier been headmaster. "There aren't that many girls who can talk about what it's like to grow up in a boys' boarding school," she chuckles.
With a B.A. in English from University of Western Ontario's Huron College, Ms. HOCKIN, now 34, is the executive vice-president and a partner at Endeavour Marketing. There, over the past six years -- enlisting her business partner, Barry AVRICH, as a writer and director -- she has produced documentaries.
In September, 2005, Mr. LAURENCE, a new business-development corporate strategist at Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd., planned a Positano getaway for the two of them. Ms. HOCKIN's aspirations soared. But then, in a riveting performance (citing insufficient time to seek her parents' permission, let alone choose a ring,) Mr. LAURENCE provided the reality check: "I just need you to manage your expectations. It's not going to happen in Italy."
"I really bought it," Ms. HOCKIN admits, determined not to be disappointed. She was subsequently astonished, then, on the balcony of their villa in Amalfia -- as they chatted over wine and the dinner she'd just made -- when Mr. LAURENCE proffered the ring.
On February 4, 2006, at St. Paul's Anglican Church on Bloor Street, the Rev. Tim HAUGHTON officiated, as three-year-old Foxtyn STEPHEN, the bridegroom's nephew and ring bearer, performed flawlessly -- despite an unnerving left turn and his disappearance at the rehearsal. A gourmet reception followed at the Toronto Hunt Club, with grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters capping the evening.
"Craig is a mathematical guy, but creative when it comes to music. Doing very different things in our careers gives us a lot to talk about," Mrs. LAURENCE enthuses. Her husband adds, "Tori is a romantic, and it's great to be on the receiving end. I like to think I'm on the giving end, as well."

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