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"H" 2008 Marriage by Groom Surname


HACHE 2008-04-14 published
April 14, 2007
Cathy McWILLIAM and Darrell HACHE were married, one year ago today. We would like to thank, our family and Friends for making it such a special day. "Each day my love for you grows stronger" Love your Kitty.

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HANLEY m@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2008-04-16 published
BATCHELOR / HANLEY -- Buck and Doe
April 26 at Feversham Arena 9 p.m.-1 a.m.
Buffet Lunch Provided - Music by DJ
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HARVEY 2008-04-19 published
BRODIE / HARVEY -- Forthcoming Marriage
Edward and Diane BRODIE together with Doctor Ross and Annette HARVEY are proud to announce the forthcoming marriage of their children, Andrea Lynn to James Robert. The wedding will take place on September 6, 2008 at Strathroy United Church.

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HEEMAN 2008-04-19 published
HEEMAN, Bill and Susan - Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary
April 16th, 2008 With love from your family: Rudy, Florence, Will, Tom, Katie and Bridget HEEMAN; Karen Ed, Nathan and Derek ENSING; Peter and Rita HEEMAN
dearly missed and never forgotten, Willy HEEMAN.

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HRISIKOS 2008-07-26 published
HRISIKOS, George and Christina - Happy First Anniversary
July 28, 2008 Love and Best Wishes from all your family.

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HUMPHREY 2008-04-26 published
HUMPHREY, Ruth and Frank - 60th Anniversary
April 24, 2008 Stratford, Ontario. God gave you two a special love to share because He knew how much you would cherish it. Love and Best Wishes, your family.

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