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"P" 2006 Marriage by Groom Surname


PAYNE 2006-09-23 published
PAYNE, Karen and Ron - Happy 50th Anniversary

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PICKERING 2006-09-23 published
FRASER / PICKERING -- Forthcoming Marriage
Brian and Barb FRASER and Brian and Barb PICKERING are pleased to announce the forthcoming marriage of Julie Lee FRASER and Jay Brian PICKERING. Wedding Date Sat. October 7, 2006 in Saint Marys.

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PIRAK 2006-09-23 published
PIRAK, Lucille and Everett - Happy 60th Anniversary
September 21, 1946 We love you with all our hearts Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa). Love Kristine and Rick, Paul and Maria Teresa, Warner, Kevin, Stephen, Pierangelo, Gaia, Barney and Dauber.

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PRENIER m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-01-07 published
Giulia FRISINA and John PREINER -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Saturday, January 7, 2006, Page M4
John PREINER may have stumbled and fumbled in his ardent pursuit, but he eventually swept Giulia FRISINA off her feet. Fortunately, she says, "A big part of John's personality is that he is persistent."
They had met at Roxy Blu, the now-defunct club on Brant Street, in April, 2003, when Dr. PREINER coaxed a phone number from a starchy Ms. FRISINA, memorized it and called the next day to invite her to a party he was having. She and her girlfriends arrived at his Beaches home to what seemed like pandemonium. "I didn't see him because the entire city was at his party," she recalls with a laugh.
Hearing that Ms. FRISINA was ready to drive off after 10 minutes, Dr. PREINER, a urologist, dashed at breakneck speed to intercept her. "She had obviously gone out of her way to come, and I had invited her because I was interested," he says. "It turned out we had been in the same circle for years, at the same events, but never actually met."
Yet, barely registering a blip of interest, she left.
His call shortly thereafter, inquiring what she was doing that evening, received the cool response that she and Friends would be cheering the Leafs at Il Gato Nero on College Street. With verbal swagger, he countered that he had a date with his ex-girlfriend, but he breezed in later with yet another girl and 12 Friends in tow. "He was trying to get to know me better, but we were amongst 20 people, it was really awkward, and I was not impressed," recalls Ms. FRISINA. Should he call again, she decided, "I was going to give him the boot."
His next call, however, changed her feelings; he offered to come down and meet her one-on-one for a coffee. When, on the way, he was forced to cancel and return to his Newmarket hospital for an emergency, she empathized, and gave him the chance to make it up on the next date: a 12-hour tour of College Street bistros that began well and "got better from there."
Three months after meeting, the pair, both generous of spirit, talked of marriage. "It wasn't like butterflies or lights going off -- we just felt at ease, and comfortable," says Dr. PREINER, now 36, adding that they share similar values, including the importance of Friends.
On Christmas Eve, 2004, he was summoned to perform an emergency operation and she insisted on accompanying him. She waited for him at the hospital until 2 a.m. "That really meant a lot," says Dr. PREINER, "that someone would care that much and go out of their way."
Similarly, he has been a wellspring of support through the early travails of her owning and publishing Dining Out Magazine. Ms. FRISINA, now 30, says: "I respected him more and more for the person he was, the way he thought, the values he had. I could just be myself."
The engagement six months later was hardly candlelight and roses. Tired of his commute, Dr. PREINER was finalizing the purchase of a Don Mills home when he sensed some uneasiness on Ms. FRISINA's part. So he made a proposal that sounded like an apology. "I spoke to your dad, talked to a diamond merchant, I bought a ring and was going to propose when I took possession, but don't want you to think I bought a house to have you move in."
Father Gregory BOTTE wed the couple on September 17 at St. Francis' Church, where both of their fathers had been altar boys. Afterward, the celebrants marched in a procession through Little Italy to lunch at Trattoria Giancarlo.
For Dr. PREINER, the highlight of their reception at Copper Creek Golf Club in Kleinberg was their first dance: a Strauss waltz, a tradition that honoured his Austrian heritage. After four months of lessons marked by contusions, near spills and the instructor's suggestion that they should consider an alternative, the dauntless pair whirled to perfection, and the dancing sizzled until 2: 30 a.m.

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