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"M" 2006 Marriage by Groom Surname

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MAGUIRE 2006-09-16 published
MAGUIRE, Daniel and Jill - Happy 1st Anniversary
Married September 17/ 2005
Love your parents Rob and Pam VAN HEUKELOM and Leroy and Nancy MAGUIRE.

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MAISSAN 2006-02-18 published
MAISSAN, Bertha and Jeff - Happy 60th Anniversary
February 13, 1946-2006
Friends are invited to an Open House being held in their honour on Sat. February 18, 2006, 1: 30-3:30 at Life Church, 547 Athlone Ave., Woodstock, Ontario. Best wishes only.

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MARKHAM 2006-09-11 published
MARKHAM, Barry and Lynne - 30th Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations, and all the best for the next 30 years of happiness together. With love, from Chris and Alexis

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MARTIN 2006-09-15 published
MARTIN, Frank and Gerry - 50th Wedding Anniversary

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MASLAK 2006-12-02 published
MASLAK, Pete and Barb - 50th Anniversary
Pete and Barb MASLAK celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary December 24th, 2006. Married 1956. Acknowledged by Friends, family and 2 levels of government as a Really long time! Canadian National Railway pensioners, school mates from Aberdeen Public School, old Friends, etc. are most welcome to pay respects at The Victoria Tavern on South St. Sat. December 9th, 1-4 p.m. Congratulations from their kids Chris, Sue, Louise and Peter, their partners/spouses, pets and granddaughter Phaedra.

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MAUDSLEY 2006-09-16 published
Doug and Linda PERRY of Saint Thomas are pleased to announce that their daughter Heather PERRY and Nathan MAUDSLEY son of Mike and Darlene MAUDSLEY of London were married in a beautiful garden ceremony on August 26, 2006. Following the ceremony the newlyweds celebrated with family and Friends at a reception at the Canadian Autoworkers Union Hall.

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MAYLARD 2006-09-23 published
MAYLARD, Martin and Helen (FAIRCLOTH) - Happy 60th Anniversary
September 27
Thank you for our lives and your love. God Bless you now and forever. Love - Your Family.

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MILLINER m@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2006-09-20 published
MILLINER, Jim and Wilma - Happy 50th Anniversary
September 22, 2006
With Love From Your Family.
Page 15

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MOLINARDO 2006-01-21 published
MOLINARO,Elisabetta and Antonio - Happy 40th Anniversary
January 22, 2006
Congratulations to the best Mom and Dad. Love Angelo, Aida, Frank and Diana.

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MOULTON 2006-09-23 published
MOULTON, Jack and Doreen - 25th Wedding Anniversary
Family and Friends are invited to an Open House at Mt. Elgin Community Center from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday September 30th, 2006. Best Wishes Only

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MYSKA m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-01-21 published
Kelly Lynn Irene BELBIN and Lee Garrett Patrick MYSKA -- Match:
By Judith Tenenbaum, Saturday, January 21, 2006, Page M4
A mutual friend, convinced that Kelly BELBIN and Lee MYSKA would hit it off, shaved a few years from his age, added several to hers and persuaded the pair to meet in February, 2002.
The ploy didn't entirely work -- "I think he thought I was younger than I was supposed to be," recalls Ms. BELBIN, now 28 -- but intrigued by his conversation, she gave him her number, which led to dinner and a movie.
The pair were soon an item. Although their lives meshed with a plethora of common interests, a semi-generational gap occasionally reared its head. Mr. MYSKA, now 41, is a devotee of seventies and eighties television. "It was funny she didn't know anything about shows I'd watched when I was younger: Sanford and Son, The Rockford Files or Bob Newhart," he says. However, shared evenings watching cable enhanced her appreciation for these small-screen classics.
Still, Ms. BELBIN wasn't sure how serious he was -- until he introduced her to his now 89-year-old grandmother. At their first meeting, "she was quiet, listening to what I had to say," Ms. BELBIN recalls, "but the next time, she asked my religious background and how I grew up." For the future bride and groom, both from close-knit families, it was an important sign.
Ms. BELBIN felt mutual respect and compromise bridged their difference in age. "At parties, I was nervous. I didn't know his Friends, and they'd talk about their kids and the old days," she says. Yet she fondly notes that Mr. MYSKA encouraged her to tread her own path. "I think it's understanding you are in different spots in your life," she says. "My Friends still like to go to clubs, and Lee's done that."
Earlier, work at a summer camp for adults with disabilities had Ms. BELBIN abandon two years of psychology at Trent University to enroll in the development services program at Humber College. That led to her present position with Community Living Toronto, where she instructs in a variety of subjects including social and life skills. The union activist and steward says her philosophy and politics can clash with those of Mr. MYSKA, a manager of trust accounting at Manulife Mutual Funds.
Fortunately, the pair have learned to separate labour relations from personal relations. "Sometimes the discussions do get a little heated," Ms. BELBIN says. "We… have an open mind about each other's views. If it gets too tough, [we] drop it and revisit it.
"We balance each other."
On October 22, at the Toronto Board of Trade's Airport Centre, officiant Sarah BUNNETT- GIBSON performed a non-denominational ceremony.
To the rhythm of This One's for the Girls, the bride's aunt, Nancy PAUL- DUDDY, presented a slide show of women whose influence had helped sculpt the bride. Her inspiration came from the valiant effort of the bride's grandmother, Cara PEACOCK, who succumbed to cancer September 9 without realizing her dream of attending the wedding. "The girls in our family have an unbroken bond," asserts Mrs. PAUL- DUDDY.
Less than a minute into their first dance to Van Morrison's Sweet Thing, Mrs. MYSKA, who will retain her maiden name professionally, lost a shoe, but didn't miss a beat. "I knew if I kicked the other one off, I would have fallen on my dress for sure," she laughs.

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