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"F" 2006 Marriage by Groom Surname


FITZSIMMONS m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-01-14 published
Annabel Jane GRIFFITHS and Timothy Stuart FITZSIMMONS -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Saturday, January 14, 2006, Page M4
While they were still just Friends, Annabel GRIFFITHS wrote in her diary about her affinity with Timothy FITZSIMMONS: " Time we spend together is like we are building a step in a staircase. One day we will complete the staircase, look at this world we have created together, and kiss."
The two met in 1995 at Ryerson's theatre school, but the next year their careers and lives took divergent paths. An English graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Ms. GRIFFITHS established herself as an actor, writer and certified yoga instructor. She co-wrote (along with Alison Lawrence and Mary-Francis Moore) a semi-autobiographical play, bittergirl, a sassy comedy about getting on after getting dumped. The three starred in its London, New York and Toronto hit runs. Mr. FITZSIMMONS, during this time, graduated in English from McGill University and pursued a master's in journalism at New York University.
The two exchanged perfunctory e-mail messages and phone calls, but sustained their Friendship with a Jane Austen-like exchange of letters, where they shared sentiments that tiptoed around romance. "We loved the way we could express ideas and talk about things going on in our lives," Ms. GRIFFITHS says.
Queried as to why he was so obsessed with Ms. GRIFFITHS by fellow student Yon MOTSKIN -- later his best man -- Mr. FITZSIMMONS admitted: "I think this is the girl I'm going to marry. I have to go and see Annabel."
Thus, on a Labour Day visit home in 2000, he arranged a dinner date, shifting their standard scenario from coffee to candlelight as he resolved to "put it all on the table and tell Annabel." Despite an enchanting evening, Mr. FITZSIMMONS was afraid unrequited love would jeopardize their Friendship. He abandoned his effort and, disconsolate, trundled off to visit his parents in Kitchener.
Speaking to her friend Jen COMISH, Ms. GRIFFITHS lamented: "He's going back to New York. It will be months before I see him, and am I always going to wonder?" Ms. COMISH -- her future maid of honour -- persuaded her to call him before he left Kitchener, and she cast her fate with a message.
"I met him at the bus stop. We were grinning from ear to ear, went for a drink, and had our first kiss," she says of their decisive moment.
That fall, Ms. GRIFFITHS visited Mr. FITZSIMMONS several times. They walked all of Manhattan, enjoying Central Park, the East Village and Broadway.
By 2001, he was back in Toronto working as a website writer and editor until he entered Osgoode Hall Law School the next year. By December, 2004, they had moved "from hesitation to certainty." So after requesting Ms. GRIFFITHS' hand from her parents with a written declaration of his love, he surprised her with a weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake's Oban Inn.
Mr. FITZSIMMONS recounted fond memories of vacations there as they crunched past his grandparents' former home, to the lake, where he proposed. "I said, 'Of course, but will you marry me?' " she recalls, teary-eyed. "We put the ring on, jumped in the snow, hugged and held hands just as the sun was setting."
On October 9, the Pillar and Post welcomed her English family and his Scottish family to their rose garden wedding, where Rev. Derek RYMARCHUK officiated. Their gifts to one another reflected a Victorian sensibility: He offered a love letter and diamond necklace in exchange for an engraved pocket watch.
Today, Mr. FITZSIMMONS, 32, articles at Fraser Milner Casgrain, as the new Mrs. FITZSIMMONS, 34, who will retain her maiden name professionally, juggles her artistic career while directing OmZone, a yoga and wellness company. "It's almost as if our souls were circling one another and when the time was right we came together," she says.

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FRASER m@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2006-09-20 published
Mark 70th Wedding Anniversary
On September 12, 2006 Ken and Elva FRASER celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Ken and Elva marked the special occasion with a family gathering on September 10. Congratulations and best wishes on reaching such a milestone and may you enjoy more pleasant anniversaries.
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FRASER m@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2006-09-20 published
FRASER, Ken and Elva - 70th anniversary
We wish to thank our family for birthday dinners held at Grey Gables. We thank the staff and Friends at Grey Gables for honouring us with a 70th anniversary cake on rodeo nite. Thank you to family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for gathering together at Annesley United Church on Sunday September 10th for dinner in honour of our 70th anniversary. Thanks to our many Friends and relatives for telephone calls, visits, cards, gifts, and flowers, for the many happy memories. Thanks for the congratulations received from Prime Minister, and Governor General Of Canada, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Federal and Provincial members of Parliament. We have been blessed. May God Bless you all.
- Ken and Elva
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FYKES 2006-09-16 published
FYKES, Jessica (JOHNSTON) and Darren - 1st Wedding Anniversary!
Married September 19, 2005 in Banff, Alberta.
Love and Best Wishes from Mom, Dad and Cara in Sault Saint Marie.

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