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"C" 2006 Marriage by Groom Surname


CHRISTIE 2006-01-07 published
SALOMAA / CHRISTIE -- Engagement Announcement
Ivan and Jacquie CHRISTIE are pleased to announce the engagement of their son Warren to Sonya SALOMAA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. SALOMAA, Calgary, Alberta. Love and Best Wishes from Mum and Dad, sister Jannine JENKEN and her husband Dan. Niece Rachael, nephews Cole and Matthew JENKEN. Also sister Natalie and nephew Nicholas DEANS.

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CLARK m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-05-27 published
Laura Brigitte LOIJENS and Jesse Adam CLARK -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Page M4
Romance is tested if two hearts beat to different drummers. In 1997, when Laura LOIJENS was introduced to Jesse CLARK at the pub in Clark Hall, a landmark at Queen's University, she mused at the nominal coincidence and saw him as "funny, intelligent" and not like so many of the other young men she had met.
"She was smart, pretty and nice. I called her the next day, and on our first date I was nervous and a total idiot," Mr. CLARK confesses. For all that, the couple were soon "mutually exclusive." After graduating in 1998 in honours English, Mr. CLARK quickly concluded that a writing career would be problematic. Coming from a musical family, he had exhibited talent in choirs and singing opera as a youth. "I've always loved classical music, and it got its hooks back into me," he explains, and so he entered the opera program at the University of Toronto, eventually launching a career as a performer.
Meanwhile, Laura LOIJENS, who earned the highest marks for 1998 in nursing science, heeded parental advice and, using nursing as a portal, gained acceptance into medicine -- also at the University of Toronto.
"Laura knew very little about English literature, and I knew less about nursing," Mr. CLARK says, laughing as he remembers their early years together. "In keeping with this theme, nine years later, Laura knows very little about opera and I know less about medicine."
Today, they continue to juggle careers and companionship. He tours with various opera ensembles and she adopts a locum approach to family practice. Locums provide relief for local doctors based in small or remote communities, and the underlying hope is that visiting doctors may enjoy their short-term stints so much that they decide to locate there permanently. "I like to travel and see new places in Ontario and around Canada. This way you set your own schedule," explains Ms. LOIJENS, who believes her locum work also provides an opportunity to explore diverse medical approaches.
"Our relationship is a work in progress. It's not always puppy dogs and ice cream," Mr. CLARK says. "The hardest part is what I call re-entry, when you get back from somewhere. In my business, you have this artistic high, and for the first couple of days [afterward] it's awkward being with another person, even though you love her. From an individual mindset to get back into that couple lifestyle is difficult."
"When you are apart so much, you have to trust each other, because you meet so many people," Ms. LOIJENS observes. "It takes effort and patience, but I love it. It would be so boring being married to another doctor."
In aid of this relationship philosophy, they manage to arrange mutual "vacations" -- and increase their understanding -- by occasionally spending time at each other's work locations. Both want children, but for a long time they felt that marriage was not a prerequisite. Until one day, completely on a whim, Mr. CLARK "woke up and thought, 'I'm going to buy a ring and surprise her.'"
On June 25, 2005, as they strolled through Kay Gardner Beltline Park, Ms. LOIJENS recalls, "We were chatting away, and suddenly I realized I was talking to myself. I looked around and Jesse was kneeling, holding a box, and he said I had to open it."
Fascinated by old bank buildings and seeking a funky and not exorbitant wedding venue, the couple were enamoured with the Ontario Heritage Centre on Adelaide Street, an authentically restored 1909 Edwardian banking hall.
"A modern civil ceremony is a public declaration and there has to be a certain grandeur, but it doesn't have to involve big, puffy, meringue dresses," Mr. CLARK says with a chuckle.
During the April 19 evening nuptials, before Rev. Tina GABRIEL, the bride became Doctor Laura CLARK. Now, if the newlyweds can find a Rossini opera with a role for a non-singing doctor, things will really come together.

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COE m@ca.on.grey_county.artemesia.flesherton.the_flesherton_advance 2006-09-20 published
COE, Maurice and Jean - 50th anniversary
We wish to thank everyone who came to our 50th anniversary celebration. A big thank you to Chester and Michael for the wagon ride drawn by two beautiful horses. It was very enjoyable. We were so pleased with the music played by Murray IRWIN, Mark PARISH, Margaret McARTHUR, Margo NEWELL, and Alex and Donna ALDCORN. We really enjoyed the Scottish dancing by great-niece Maggie TAILOR/TAYLOR. A big thank you to our wonderful family for organizing a great party. Thank you Friends and family for a very special day.
Maurice and Jean
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COVE 2006-01-21 published
COVE / MULKEY -- Engagement
John and Pat COVE of Thorndale Area, sister Deborah, brother Kevin and families wish to congratulate Dwayne Jonathon COVE "Flight Nurse with Lifeguard Alaska out of Anchorage" on his engagement to Kristin MULKEY " Family Nurse Practitioner," daughter of Dale and Sandy MULKEY of Dallas, Texas.

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CUDNEY 2006-02-16 published
CUDNEY, Eileen and Frank - Happy 60th Anniversary
February 16th, 2005
Love your family

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CZUPRYNA 2006-12-02 published
CZUPRYNA, Trina {BRADFIELD} and Brad - Happy 1st Anniversary
Family and Friends were honored on December 2, 2005 to join together and witness Trina BRADFIELD and Brad CZUPRYNA exchange marriage vows. Father Chris blessed us with a beautiful ceremony. Although the first nasty winter storm threatened our plans, it was a wonderful evening for a very loved and cherished couple. Happy Anniversary kids. God Bless you

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