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"P" 2005 Marriage by Groom Surname


PALMER 2005-02-12 published
PALMER, Mitch and Eileen - Happy 55th Anniversary
February 18, 2005
Love and best wishes from Dave and Karen, Annette and Chuck, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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PALMIERI 2005-02-12 published
PALMIERI, Nick and Teresa - Happy 50th Anniversary
February 13, 2005
Love from your family.

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PAPAIS 2005-02-26 published
Stag and Doe for Alicia POLLOCK and Paul PAPAIS, Friday, March 4, 2005, 8pm-1am, Canadian Autoworkers Union Hall, 364 Victoria Street, Ingersoll. Call 485-2765 or 461-1604 for tickets.

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PAPINI 2005-01-22 published
PAPINI, Lina and Bruno - 45th Anniversary
Celebrating 45 years of marriage on January 23rd, 2005
From your family with love.

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PARKINSON 2005-03-26 published
PARKINSON, Ron and Bonnie - Happy 40th
The Copy Boy and the Fashion Artist
March 27, 1965
Happy 40th
But Who's Counting

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PICKNELL m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2005-02-12 published
Aileen REYES and James PICKNELL -- Match
By Judith Tenenbaum, Saturday, February 12, 2005 - Page M4
James PICKNELL didn't seem like the sort of person who would be interested in discussing "spiritual enlightenment" or "collective energy consciousness." He is an engineer, after all, working for Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting in a profession rooted in facts and figures.
And then he met Aileen Rose REYES.
Mr. PICKNELL's 21-year marriage had just ended in an amicable divorce (the only contentious issue was the custody of two cats).
He was feeling the pillars of his patterned life buckling and some seminal questions emerging: "How did I get here? What did I really want? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?"
An Internet match made his queries redundant when the cosmos brought him Ms. REYES. On a numbing November night in 2003, they rendezvoused at the Niagara Street Café. "We let it all hang out," Ms. REYES, 31, says, "chatting about our hopes, lives and dreams."
What Mr. PICKNELL learned about her wasn't entirely what he had expected. She was 19 years his junior and she had some surprising interests. A commerce graduate from the University of Toronto, she had worked as an accountant and an auditor, and had now reinvented herself spiritually.
Ms. REYES explains: "I shut down emotionally in my 20s and started going deep and asking why." The answers did not come from conventional sources such as her church (she had been raised Catholic) or community, she says, but from within, a result of her liaison with an organization called the Wonders, a group based in Thornton, Ontario, that purports to be "the world's most profound source of love and spiritual enlightenment."
Statements from the organization's website describe the movement as "a collective energy consciousness with the 29th dimension of reality channelled exclusively by deep trance channeller Réné Gaudette."
The group runs workshops, sells audiotapes, Compact Disks and books, and holds personal psychic channelling sessions for a fee.
A proponent of organic foods, Ms. REYES also embraced the Wonders' nutritional and ecological concerns.
Confronted by this utopist Kaballah-meets-healthy-living blend, Mr. PICKNELL balked initially, but chugged ahead. "It was a bit far-out for me," he says, "but Aileen was fun and I decided to be open-minded about it." He listened to a Wonders tape and was surprised at how much it shared with the self-help books he had explored after his separation.
Only weeks after they had met and with their metaphysical union well under way, he suggested marriage, but Ms. REYES procrastinated. "I was afraid of it and had grown up in the time when a woman could do it all. I said there is no point to marriage, but wondered if I really meant it."
By Christmas Eve, she had reconciled her doubts and accepted his proposal.
The couple circumvented parental promptings for a Catholic ceremony because of Mr. PICKNELL's divorce. Thus, on December 29, 2004, at the Carlu, 150 formally attired guests observed Reverend Tina GABRIEL wed the couple. Mr. GAUDETTE was best man.
The two now share a life that reflects their interest in environmentalism and spirituality.
Since learning that her husband "cycles the city and hadn't owned a car for nine years," Ms. REYES- PICKNELL has disposed of her car. "It was a conscious decision," she says, "but scary."
Having volunteered in the past with Habitat for Humanity in Paraguay and Guatemala, she now works as an activist to help the homeless in Toronto. Her husband, Mr. REYES- PICKNELL (he also changed his name), has joined her in achieving apprentice level four of the Wonders Self-Empowerment teacher program. The newlyweds have merged skills and philosophy to form Conscious Management Incorporated, which motivates individuals to become empowered for change.
The bridegroom's advice to others reflects his personal growth: "Go with your intuitive self. Don't let everyone else's thoughts on how everything ought to be get in the way."

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PILAT 2005-02-12 published
PILAT, Linda and Jan - Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!
February 14, 1975 - 2005
Love Lesley, Jenn, Jason, Drew, and your grand dogs Chelsey, Kenzie, Mac, Hershey, and Maverick, and all your family and Friends.

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POTTER 2005-06-11 published
Ross and Jean JARVIS are delighted to announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Emily to Rob POTTER, son of Keith POTTER and Cathy RIGGALL. The wedding will take place on Friday, July 8, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario.

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PUBLICOVER 2005-01-08 published
Gordon and Katherine PUBLICOVER along with Gary McKENZIE and Elaine McKENZIE are proud to announce the forthcoming marriage of their children Jeffrey and Jennifer. They will be getting married in the Dominican Republic in January 2005 accompanied by family and Friends.

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