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"E" 2005 Marriage by Groom Surname


EAGLESON 2005-06-11 published
Gord and Kathie BRISTO of Sarnia together with Ken and Ruth Ann EAGLESON of Greenway are pleased to announce the forthcoming marriage of their children, Megan BRISTO and Andrew EAGLESON. The wedding will take place on Saturday, July 16, 2005 in Sarnia.

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EAGLESON 2005-06-18 published
EAGLESON, Brenda (McKELLAR) and Jamie - Happy Six Month Anniversary
Married in Grand Bend, Ontario December 18, 2004
Congratulations and Best Wishes for a lifetime of happiness together. Love from your parents Ron and Barb McKELLAR, Forest and Ken and Ruth Ann EAGLESON, Greenway

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ELLIS 2005-02-26 published
Lori Anne FAULKNER, daughter of Randy FAULKNER of North Bay and Claudette FAULKNER of London, Ontario has become engaged to Sean Christopher ELLIS, son of Jean and Paul ELLIS of London, Ontario.
The couple will be united in marriage on September 10th, 2005 at St. Lukes In The Garden in London, Ontario.

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ELSTON 2005-05-14 published
ELSTON, Ronnine and John - First Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations Ronnine and John on your first Wedding Anniversary, May 15th, 2005.
I Love you guys, today and always, Mom.

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EMBELTON m@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2005-01-29 published
Lori Lynn MASON and James EMBELTON -- Match:
By Judith TENENBAUM, Saturday, January 29, 2005 - Page M4
Like many young Australians, James John EMBELTON went on a "walkabout" after graduating from university. The rite of passage is almost a national tradition, says Mr. EMBELTON, who graduated from Monash University in Melbourne in 1994.
"It's encouraged that graduates put a pack on their back, buy a one-way ticket, and see the world," he says. "I thought I'd stop [in Toronto], get a job for a year, and see what I thought."
That was more than 10 years ago. "I made Friends," he says, "did well career-wise, and started to love the place."
Within a few years of his arrival, he became a Canadian citizen and began working in financial services. He succumbed to the opiate of Muskoka winters, highlighted by an annual weekend at a rustic retreat near Gravenhurst, Ontario, owned by his friend Craig MARSHALL.
It was in this serene environment that Mr. EMBELTON staged a surprise proposal to Toronto native Lori Lynn MASON that reflected the international nature of their relationship.
The two had met at AIC Mutual Funds, where they were working in sales, in February of 2001. Each was in another relationship at the time, but their water-cooler musings heated up into romance by 2003. "Lori has an incredible smile and beauty. We are both motivated and caring," he says.
"Many women go gaga over him, but the accent wasn't a draw," says Ms. MASON, a business graduate of Mohawk College in Hamilton. "He is kind and intelligent."
Mr. EMBELTON made his move in March, 2004, after some stealthy manoeuvring. The pair had planned to make the annual trip to Mr. MARSHALL's place in Muskoka, but at the last minute, Mr. EMBELTON told Ms. MASON to go ahead on her own, saying he needed to study for his financial-analyst exam. In fact, he was taking care of some last-minute engagement details.
Things almost went awry, Mr. MARSHALL recalls. "James was travelling on business and left me his package to bring up to the camp. I picked up flowers for him, but in my rush, because I was entertaining the whole group, I got halfway and realized, 'Oh my God!' I'd left it."
The package was critical to Mr. EMBELTON's plans, so Mr. MARSHALL pulled a few strings to get it: "Fortunately, my ex-wife lives next door [to me]," he says with a laugh, "is a good friend, and likes James and Lori, so she hired a locksmith to break into my house so James could swing by for his stuff."
The next morning, Mr. EMBELTON rushed to Muskoka to rendezvous with two confederates who helped him set the scene. "It was beautiful, near zero, not a cloud in the sky and we set up a blanket on a snow-covered hill where Lori and I had spent time before," he says.
To paraphrase Jimmy Kennedy's lyrics to The Teddy Bears' Picnic, Ms. MASON "went into the woods that day, and she was sure of a big surprise." Mr. EMBELTON whisked Ms. MASON off by snowmobile to the secluded proposal spot, where the contents of the package were laid out against a backdrop of white pines: champagne flutes and a toy koala and polar bear teddy holding Australian and Canadian flags, respectively.
"I felt we were destined to be together," Ms. MASON says. "I was very emotional."
On September 5, Canadian and Australian flag bearers planted their standards on either side of the altar at All Saints Anglican Church in Etobicoke, where the bride taught Sunday school.
A design of a maple leaf and Australian gum leaf, their stalks intertwined, appeared on the invitations and in all facets of the wedding.
Ms. MASON, 30, entered on her father's arm to strains of Waltzing Matilda and O Canada. A bouquet on the altar honoured her late mother.
Close friend Reverend Timothy FOLEY, youth director Susan OLIVER and assistant priest Michael LLOYD incorporated a full Eucharist service into the ceremony. Mr. MARSHALL serenaded the audience on guitar as the couple signed the register.
The bridegroom, 32, was a national champion in yachting, and fittingly, the reception was held at the Boulevard Club. The bridal party entered to Australia's rousing football song with the newlyweds making their debut to the Hockey Night in Canada theme.
The 130 guests included 25 from abroad, whom the groom calculated logged a total of 270,000 kilometres to be there.
The newlyweds are now off for a two-year stint in Australia, where Mr. EMBELTON has accepted an associate director position at Macquarie Bank.
"It is more than a geographical change," says his bride, who looks forward to taking on new challenges there, including volunteer work caring for infants born with cocaine addiction.
"In Australia, I won't have the commitments I have here, so I'll have the time."

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EMRICH 2005-02-26 published
Brenda CARTER and Barb and Dieter EMRICH of London, Ontario are pleased to announce the engagement of their children Karen Anne and Stephen Michael.
The wedding will take place at the Chapel of Hope, London, Ontario on Saturday, May 28th, 2005.

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