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McPHERSON e@ca.on.kent_county.wallaceburg.wallaceburg_courier_press 2003-07-02 published
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Former mayors to visit 'Burg
Courier Press staff
The Oaks Inn is set to play host to a special meeting designed to drum up tourism in Chatham-Kent.
Officials from the Chatham Capitol Theatre, which is organizing the event, have former Stratford and Saint Mary's mayors Ted BLOWES and Dick McPHERSON on tap to speak to the both theatre and Wallaceburg & District Chamber of Commerce supporters at 8 a.m., July 4.
Both Saint Mary's and Stratford are renowned for their success in placing themselves as top destination locations.
BLOWES, a businessman, served for 14 years, with 10 as mayor, on Stratford city council. He is a founding member of the Canadian National Communities in Bloom Committee.
McPHERSON, a businessman, served for eight years, two as mayor, for Saint Mary's. He helped to relocate the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame from Toronto to Saint Mary's.

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