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AVERY e@ca.on.simcoe_county.nottawasaga.collingwood.the_connection 2003-08-08 published
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WILSON to be sentenced today
By Roberta AVERY, Special to the Connection, page 2
When Patty WILSON looked up from her frenzied attack with two butcher knives on her sleeping husband, to see their then-10-year-old son watching from the bedroom doorway, she got up, closed the door on the boy and then continued the attack, a court has heard.
"It was heinous crime on a child's father in the child's presence," said Crown attorney Kevin SISK at WILSON's sentencing hearing in the Superior Court of Justice in Barrie last week.
WILSON, 34, pleaded guilty June 3 to aggravated assault causing bodily harm in connection with the July 27, 2001 attack on her husband Tom WILSON, 40, at their Collingwood home.
Court heard that their only son, Thomas Roy, tried to call 911, but the telephone line had been cut, so although it was 2 a.m., the boy ran into the street and pounded on neighbours' doors until someone heard his cries for help.
When the paramedics arrived they found the boy cradling his severely wounded father.
The boy's pajamas were soaked in his father's blood,
Tom WILSON, who suffered 12 deep stab wounds and numerous lacerations in the attack, spent the next four weeks in hospital in Toronto.
Patty WILSON was found locked in the bathroom. She had taken an overdose of pills and later lapsed into a coma.
She was initially charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge.
SISK told Justice Harry KEENAN that the boy's actions likely saved both his parent's lives.
Tom WILSON, who required more than 100 stitches, still suffers pain and breathing problems from the stab wounds one of which was so severe that his lung was left hanging out of his chest. He has also lost much of the use of his left hand and has had to learn to write with his other hand as he is left handed.
His diaphragm was torn loose likely by his wife jumping on him during the attack, court heard.
In a victim-impact statement presented to the court, the boy, now 12, stated that for a long time after the attack, he was afraid to go back into his own home.
"A kid should always feel sale in his own house," stated the boy, who also wrote about thinking about bad things happening to normal people whenever he watches a movie.
His grandfather, Thomas WILSON Sr., told the court about the terrible nightmares his son and grand_son suffered for months after the attack.
"I spent night after night holding my grand_son as he tried to handle the awful nightmares," said the grandfather.
SISK said there was no evidence that the attack was provoked in any way, but he did accept the defence argument that Patty WILSON was in a state of depression and anxiety at the time of the attack.
Noting the Patty WILSON has shown little remorse and calling the attack one of the most grievous criminal acts" the court could see short of murder, SISK asked Justice KEENAN to sentence WILSON to seven years in prison.
That was in sharp contrast the Patty WILSON's Lawyer Tim BREEN, who asked for a sentence of six to nine months.
His client suffered from sleep apnea, a condition that results in the brain being starved of oxygen, and this could explain in part her disassociation with the events of July 27, 2001 said BREEN.
"She only had partial awareness of what she was doing... she was someone in a confused state of mind because she was oxygen deprived," said BREEN
Patty WILSON, who suffered severe depression because of a life-long battle with being over weight, found herself overwhelmed because of her husband's critical comments and his controlling nature, said BREEN.
Justice KEENAN was to sentence Patty WILSON today.

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