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BDO 2006-01-02 published
New Year's baby slow coming, but six days ahead of schedule
By Randy RICHMOND, Free Press Reporter, Mon., January 2, 2006
The London area's New Year's baby has a better sense of timing than doctors, nurses and her own parents.
Jaime Leigh HOOPER was born at four minutes after midnight New Year's Day in London, three full days after her mom was admitted to hospital and 18 hours after labour was induced.
And six days early.
"It wasn't planned," proud dad Steve HOOPER said yesterday, holding the seven-pound, 12-ounce and 22.5-inch long newest citizen of Komoka.
"Nobody knew it would be that close."
Jaime was due January 6.
But mom Laura was admitted to Victoria Hospital Thursday because of high blood pressure.
Medical staff decided to induce labour.
"They were going to induce Thursday night or Friday night, but it was so busy it kept getting put back," said Laura, 33, an office administrator with BDO Dunwoody in London.
Instead, Laura was induced at 4: 30 a.m. on Saturday.
That should have been enough time to have a baby long before the New Year rang in when the clock turned to Sunday.
"We were hoping to be done by the middle of Saturday afternoon," said Steve, 34, a technician with Reliance Home Comfort.
As the day wore on and night approached, Steve began to wonder about his child becoming the New Year's baby.
Laura did not.
"I was too busy," she said with a laugh.
"She didn't care what time it was," Steve recalled. "She just wanted the baby out."
As the parents of London's New Year's baby, the couple received some gifts from London Health Sciences Centre and a lot of media attention.
"You are the most special girl this time of the year. Yes you are," Steve said to a sleeping Jaime, the couple's first child, yesterday.
But the big crowds were still to come.
With five sisters, one step-sister and one step-brother, Laura was expecting a busy first day of the year.
In the midst of yesterday's attention, all three HOOPERs looked remarkably calm.
"See me in a couple of days when I'm home," Laura quipped.

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BDO b@ca.on.york_county.toronto.globe_and_mail 2006-06-17 published
TAGIEFF, Samuel Walker -- Hatch:
By Suzanne MA, Page M5
When Lisa WALKER, 40, and Bradley TAGIEFF, 36, learned they were going to have a baby last summer, the couple decided to elope to New York at Christmas. They visited the Museum of Modern Art and bought a Japanese-style drawing of an owl. It now hangs in baby Samuel Walker TAGIEFF's bedroom, which is decorated to look like a woodland forest.
"We have a cottage up north that we really love, and we think Samuel was conceived while we were at the cottage, so it was appropriate," says Ms. WALKER, the art director for 2: The Magazine for Couples.
Ms. WALKER and Mr. TAGIEFF, a chartered accountant who has just been hired at BDO Dunwoody, hope that Samuel, who was 6 pounds, 9 ounces when he was born on May 5 at Women's College Hospital, will some day be an accountant, like his father and grandfather. For now, Samuel is learning how to smile and flex his vocal cords with "cooing baby sounds."
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